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How To Write a Biography Essay About 2Pac: Seven Points To Include


2Pac is arguably one of the most prominent hip-hop artists in the United States. He was an up-and-coming singer whose lyrics were meaningful, thought-provoking, and, above all else, realistic. 2Pac used to sing about social and racial issues, which is why people loved him. Of course, the situation on the coastlines was tight, and the west was at odds with the east. Numerous conflicts, clashes, and beefs were typical for that era.

Although visionary, 2Pac couldn’t reveal all his potential, tragically dying in his mid-20s. But his legacy is uncompromised. And it is no wonder people are inspired by him and write papers about Tupac Shakur.

Since you are here, we assume you’ve been assigned a biography essay about this legend. Below is an essay help online guide on points to include about 2Pac. You’ll also find a handful of tips to write a beautiful biography essay about Tupac from scratch.

Early years

Every biography paper–be it about a painter, politician, or singer–has to include early years. It’s important to write about the subject’s education and early interests to help the reader get a bigger picture of a person.

The same goes with Tupac. The 80s and 90s were rough in the United States. Gangs and armed assaults were common for people in the ghetto. Some chose the path of robbery, while others decided to go from rags to riches artistically. The latter route was Tupac’s choice, obviously. It’d be reasonable to include his early years of development, routine, and activities.

Amateur career

Once you find the necessary information about childhood and youth, start digging info about the amateur career. Tupac was a self-made man. He was a true celebrity who had a thorny path and encountered multiple obstacles along the way. He attended freestyle contests, organized various performances, and many more.

His amateur career was full of vibrant events; Tupac focused on peace and sang about people’s different problems. And even when he gained overnight success, his lyrics didn’t change.

When looking for things about 2Pac’s amateur stage, try to write about the first amateur albums, freestyles, and performances. They shed light on Pac’s huge heart and wise mind.

Successful years

No written piece can and should omit 2Pac’s years of success. Hard work and lots of effort eventually paid off, and Tupac became widely known in the U.S. as well as the rest of the world. Writing about winning awards is a must, at least about the fact that Tupac was nominated seven times for a Grammy.

The number of such awards is so huge that you may want to include them all, but be careful: although an exciting subject for describing, information about successful years is broadly available, and many people can reach it within a few clicks. So, make sure your information about Pac’s years of success is unique and awe-inspiring. And yes, it shouldn’t make the most of your paper, as there are plenty of other points left to include—for example, daily life.

Day to day life

Behind many celebrities’ lives are different routines. Some may use expensive yachts and spend lots of cash, while others might volunteer and donate tremendous amounts of money to the people in need. Tupac led a bright life, with jewelry and cash being common for him. But that was just a part of his life. Another side of Pac’s daily routine was helping people and spreading love. Tupac was against any war, including the conflict between east and west.

Writing about Tupac’s day-to-day life is essential to let the readers know what he did apart from recording albums and appearing on radio shows. Luckily, there are dozens of things to write about.

Eastside and westside conflict

Despite being against wars, Tupac didn’t manage to avoid the conflict with the eastside at all costs. His notorious beef addressed to Biggie Smalls diminished any chance to stop the clash. Hit ’em up was both a success and a bomb because it started a full-fledged war between gangs.

Even though the conflict was detrimental to the gangs’ relationships, it still is worthy of including in the paper, for it shows that whatever the music industry was on screen, it was far from ideal behind the scenes.         


Tupac’s death was a large-scale tragedy, shaking the United States. No one could believe that a bright and peaceful hip-hop singer would die in weird circumstances. To date, no one was held responsible for killing Tupac Shakur. More so, several conspiracy theories exist that he didn’t die but migrated to a different country to live peacefully ever after. Some people even claim they saw Tupac long after his purported death. While every theory has a place to be, we must say that writing about Tupac’s death is critical, as no biography avoids such information.


We also recommend adding a bit of information about Tupac’s legacy. What did he leave? What albums did he record and roll out, what albums were released posthumously? It will help the readers realize how his artistic career went and what was done and left unreleased.

Other than recording the songs and releasing albums, Tupac appeared in different movies, including Juice and Gang Related. The majority of films are indeed powerful and meaningful, and they have contributed to the development of cinematography.

Tips for writing an essay

With the right approach, writing a biography essay is highly doable. All you need to do is A) decide on the information you want to include in your paper and B) know how to structure the piece. The following are three pivotal elements of an impeccable biography essay.

  • Introduction: The introduction is the first paragraph that must include three subsections, an opening, background, and thesis statement.
  • Body: The body part comprises a topic sentence, a point taken from a thesis statement, its development backed up with credible sources, and a conclusion alongside transition.
  • Conclusion: The last part sums up the paper’s content, reiterates the thesis, and concludes the essay.

2Pac – Lil’ Homies (Official Visualizer)


Official visualizer for “Lil’ Homies” by 2Pac.

2Pac’s seventh overall album and third posthumous album, Until the End of Time, was another double album released on March 27, 2001. The album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 and went on to be certified quadruple platinum by the RIAA. The songs were recorded during the All Eyez On Me and Makaveli sessions but remixed for this release.

In ‘Lil Homies’ Tupac presents the effects of violence and drugs on the youth in the ghetto. He also reveals parts of his own life story and the pain and loss that brought him to tears.

Directed & Animated by HIGHWESTHUS

The Story of Tupac’s Godmother Assata Shakur And Why She’s On The FBI’s Most Wanted List

The Story of Tupac’s Godmother Assata Shakur And Why She’s On The FBI’s Most Wanted List

  • Assata Shakur is Tupac Shakur’s Godmother” and”step-aunt”
  • Assata Shakur was convicted in the first-degree murder of State Trooper Werner Foerster during a shootout on the New Jersey Turnpike in 1973
  • In 2013, the FBI placed Assata Shakur on its list of the top 10 most-wanted terrorists and was the first woman to be added to this list.[
  • While serving a life sentence for murder, Shakur escaped in 1979 from the Clinton Correctional Facility for Women in Union Township, NJ, now the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women.
  • Assata Shakur surfaced in Cuba in 1984, where she was granted political asylum. Shakur has lived in Cuba since, despite US government efforts to have her returned.

As history tells us, Tupac was always known for being one of the most ardent activists when it comes to the needs of the black community. That trait seems to run in the blood of the family, since Shakur’s mother – Afeni, was one of the leading members of the famous Black Panther Party in the USA. When Afeni was eight months pregnant with Tupac, she was on trial in New York City for the Panther 21 criminal trial, where 21 Black Panthers were accused of planning attacks on police stations in the city. She and everyone else involved was acquitted of over 150 charges.

Tupac had other family members who were involved in the Black Panthers’ Black Liberation Army and were convicted of serious crimes and imprisoned, including his stepfather, Mutulu Shakur, who spent four years among the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives. His godfather, Elmer “Geronimo” Pratt, was a high-ranking Black Panther and was convicted of murdering a school teacher during a 1968 robbery, though his sentence was overturned when it was revealed that the prosecution had hidden evidence that he was in a meeting 400 miles away at the time of the murders.

Assata Shakur

Assata Shakur

Assata Olugbala Shakur (born JoAnne Deborah Byron; July 16, 1947 also married name, JoAnne Chesimard). Born in Flushing, Queens, she grew up in New York City and Wilmington, North Carolina. After she ran away from home several times, her aunt, who would later act as one of her lawyers, took her in. She became involved in political activism at Borough of Manhattan Community College and City College of New York.

It turns out, however, that the great rapper had yet another relative, who was part of the fight for black people’s rights – Assata Shakur. She’s the godmother of the fallen legend, but admittedly, what stands out from her biography is the fact that she’s placed in the FBI’s top 10 most wanted. That’s no mean feat when we take into account the fact that the list is also made up of Hezbollah terrorists.

The story is easier to tell nowadays since not long ago Assata personally took it upon herself to help publish her autobiography. The book was republished by Zed Books, whilst fellow black activist Angela Davis described Shakur as a human being with an uncompromising stance when it comes to justice and human rights. We should probably add that the book is published, whilst Assata has been a resident of Cuba for over 40 years now, escaping imprisonment in the US. The reward for her capture is a staggering 2 million dollars.

Shakur grew up with her grandparents in North Carolina, in a period of history, in which black people had it really rough and had to be determined and tough to be able to get through the constant repressions. That’s part of the reason why Assata ended up joining the Black Panther Party in 1970, which would prove to be a turning point for Pac’s step-aunt. She was excited by the prospect of being part of the biggest activist group for black people’s rights and she recalled to have been impressed by the clarity with which the party members would speak. Shakur also pointed out that her comrades had made it clear from the start – the enemy wasn’t the white community itself, but the oppressive rule of the capitalistic world. Later, however, she became disillusioned, starting to notice the lack of actual historical expertise and knowledge about the root of the problems within the party. She admitted that criticism wasn’t encouraged, which was part of the reason for her to quit the party and begin her own activist path.

From 1971 to 1973, Shakur was alleged to have committed a series of audacious crimes, sometimes alongside other members of the BLA: two bank robberies in New York, the kidnap and murder of a drug dealer, armed robbery (during which she was shot), and the attempted murder of policemen in an ambush. She was either acquitted or the cases dismissed. Then came the events of 2 May 1973, in which Trooper Foerster and Zayd Malik Shakur were killed. In her autobiography, Shakur details the conditions in which she was kept during the days that followed – her food was spat in, she was not allowed to contact a lawyer, and Zayd Malik’s dead body was left lying next to her. She recalls some compassion from a German nurse at the hospital, who protested about the tightness of the cuff on Shakur’s ankle and covered it in gauze, and later showed her the call button so she could buzz the nurses’ station for help.

The following 4 years, as Assata herself says, were a battle for survival in prison. She was locked up and given the worst possible treatment, that New Jersey has ever seen. This is according to the words of Lennox Hinds – national director of the National Conference of Black lawyers. He went on to say that Shakur was put under 24-hour surveillance in a men’s prison cell. Her defense filed a lawsuit against the state in regards to the inhuman conditions of the imprisonment. Unfortunately for Tupac’s step-aunt, the entire thing went on for more than 4 years, before her trial was even brought to the jury’s attention. Of course, Assata herself never really believed in a fair trial, as she was already publicly added to the list of the most wanted criminals in the world. It all seems quite suspicious and fixed.

During the trial, Assata claims in her biography that many traces of evidence mysteriously vanished from the face of the earth. Unsurprisingly, she was found guilty on all charges within a mere 24 hours. Hinds adds that two members of the jury had a prejudice before it even began. Shakur was sentenced to a grueling mandatory lifetime jail sentence.

While serving a life sentence for murder, Shakur escaped in 1979 from the Clinton Correctional Facility for Women in Union Township, NJ, now the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women. She surfaced in Cuba in 1984, where she was granted political asylum. Shakur has lived in Cuba since, despite US government efforts to have her returned. She has been on the FBI Most Wanted Terrorists list since 2013 as Joanne Deborah Chesimard and was the first woman to be added to this list.

During the last few years, even former US President Donald Trump had tried to negotiate for Shakur’s extradition from the Cuban state, but to no avail. A relatively happy end of the story of a determined female, who wouldn’t spare even her own comfort in the battle for the rights of people from the black community.

Rap Topics for Essays: Find Your Writing Inspiration


Meta – The young generation loves rap, and there’s nothing better than students using their love for rap to write great essays. All you need is a good rap topic to write your academic essay on and some inspiration. 

In recent times, the young generation listens to rap more than the older generation. Due to this, rap has recently become one of the widely mainstream music available in different types of media. Hip hop and rap artists use urban slang/language to pass down their message.

A recent study revealed that frequent exposure to rap could result in a greater level of understanding vocabulary. Students require to develop deep vocabulary knowledge to enhance their writing skills. When they listen to rap while writing, they develop a higher level of inspiration and create better ideas for writing. 

Hip-hop music can inspire essay writing

Throughout the generations, hip-hop artists have used music to deliver different types of messages. It is in the songs that they express their views, opinions, and feelings. The person listening to the lyrics can relate to the opinion or feelings because they might have experienced the same thing. 

In college, students get assigned different hip-hop topics to research and write an attractive essay. Without a proper understanding of hip-hop composition, instruments, and lyrics, they might not get the best inspiration for information. It makes a bigger difference when a student watches a hip-hop video and closely follows the lyrics. They can get multiple ideas on what they should write or the best music essay topics they can choose. 

Listening to rap music can give you a lot of inspiration for writing. However, the lyrics and the beats can easily carry you away, and you detour from focusing on writing. Focused essay writing will help you write an attractive topic for your diploma course, and you will have a better grade during graduation. You can still enjoy your music and let an essay writing service expert write for you. Many students buy essays in Canada on Ca.EduBirdie as they create the best scientific essays to buy. Their essays earn good grades for any subject and course.

How Tupac Shakur’s work can help choose a topic for a future essay

Tupac is remembered for bringing hip hop to a whole new level. His songs were driven by poetic lyrics in their most raw nature. Due to this, he is considered the most influential rapper to date. Tupac was in a big way inspired by Ice Cube music, and he would tell stories in the most intricate way, which made his fans want to listen to his music all the time.

Today, there are a lot of essay samples online about Tupac’s influences and lessons learned. To date, Tupac’s music reminds the young generation that life is short, they should know its worth, and they should use every opportunity they get to make a change. 

These inspirations and lessons are important in an essay writing process. The Tupac music essay samples are big sources of inspiration for choosing essay topics in the future and in writing a hip-hop research paper. His adoption of poetic lyrics is particularly important when choosing unique hip-hop topics for writing winning essays. 

What important essay topics are revealed in rap songs?

When choosing essay topics about rap music, you need to have a competitive subject that will be unique from the rest. You might want to avoid a topic that is challenging because you might lack ideas. But by listing to rap songs, you can easily develop winning hip-hop topics. 

For example, Antonio Vivaldi’s music is highly romantic. You may think of music essay topics such as “Revealing the romantic nature of Antonio Vivaldi’s songs.”, or considering the sometimes-violent nature of rap, you might choose a topic such as “How listening to heavy metal music catalyzes violent behavior among young people.” Other important hip hop research paper topics are-

  • Infants’ perception of music and the influence of rap in their growth
  • Culture and rap: Pros and Cons
  • Development of southern rock music 
  • Classical music is the root genesis of rap
  • Adopting rap music in Christian faith: the good and the bad


Rap music is a mix of poetry, art, culture, fashion, politics, and philosophy. Rap artists write their lyrics to express different types of feelings. Listening to rap can inspire you on attractive topics for your essays. There are different rap topics you can create, such as Culture and rap: Pros and Cons and Development of southern rock music. When choosing music essay topics, choose a topic that you can get different ideas for writing an attractive essay. If you choose a complex topic, you might get stuck in the writing process. 

Death Row Records Set To Drop Best Tupac and Dr.Dre Albums From Catalog


The year certainly began with lots of mixed emotions for the supporters of Tupac and Death Row Records. The feeling of happiness must’ve been inexplicable when the news first came out that none other than Snoop Dogg had finalized a deal to acquire the label company’s shares, thus turning into the majority shareholder. As we reported a few weeks ago, Snoop was quite excited to announce the news, as he promised to return the company to its former glory. Things turned a bit weird ever since, however.

A few weeks after the announcement came out many loyal Death Row customers signaled weird activity on the site. Many noticed that only Snoop Dogg’s brand new album remained available for purchase, whilst others couldn’t log into their previous accounts. Most of these people had also complained that they had made orders for albums and other merchandise, which was previously part of the Death Row catalog. After the purchase of the label brand, however, no one would answer their messages to give them updates on their offers and the situation in general. This included the official Instagram profile of Death Row. Well, the air seems to be clearing up a bit now.

According to the latest info, Snoop Dogg has in fact still not managed to strike a final deal with the current owners of the label – MNRK Music Group. The final sticking point, which is currently under negotiation, seems to be linked with the rapper’s plans to abolish two of Tupac Shakur’s greatest albums – All Eyez On Me and The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. This would be a massive issue, since many of the followers of the brand continue to associate it with the fallen legend, especially seeing as these albums are two of his all-time best ones. Snoop is also considering abandoning Dr.Dre’s Chronic, albeit the information states, that the album could be back on the Death Row catalog at the beginning of 2023, which offers at least some relief. By choosing to do so, Snoop Dogg, who has 3 albums, recorded with the label, would turn into the bestselling artist on the entire Death Row roster.

Snoop did speak about the company having lots of growth potential yet and it seems that the hip-hop artist is referring to his idea of turning Death Row Records into an “NFT label”. Dogg clearly is looking to ride the wave and make a revolution, just like Death Row did it years ago. Pac supporters will definitely not be very happy for this revolution to take place without some of Shakur’s most iconic pieces of work.

DL: 2Pac – Free 2Pac [THC Project] [WAV] [2007]


2Pac - Free 2Pac [THC Project] [WAV] [2007]


2Pac - 2007 - Free 2Pac (THC Project) (WAV) CD1
2Pac - 2007 - Free 2Pac (THC Project) (WAV) CD1


2Pac - 2007 - Free 2Pac (THC Project) (WAV) CD2
2Pac - 2007 - Free 2Pac (THC Project) (WAV) CD2

Register and join the club and download over 10 000 2Pac tracks (approx. 400 GB) 99% lossless compression of rare Originals, Unreleased, Rare and Unreleased Projects, Bootlegs, Instrumentals & Acappellas.

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Snoop Agrees Death Row Records Was The Best And Worst Thing For Tupac


Full Snoop Dogg interview
Fast forward to 17:14 to hear Snoop Dogg’s thoughts on Tupac’s influenced and being influenced when joining Death Row records.

During an interview with The Breakfast Club, aside from speaking about who was greater him or Tupac, Snoop gave his thoughts on whether Death Row was the best and worst thing to ever happen to Tupac Shakur.

Charlmagne asked Snoop about Tupac being on Death Row and whether it was good or bad for Pac. “Some people say that the best and worst thing to happen to Tupac was Death Row,” says Charlmagne.

“It was because the influence. He didn’t realize how much influence he had, but he was very influenced by. He could have been more of a leader and more of a influenced as oppose to being influenced,” says Snoop Dogg.

Many felt Tupac’s move to Death Row consumed his main focus and purpose in life. The purpose of leading and being that voice that was and is still needed.

“Like I say this all the time about athletes and entertainers, don’t make sense to join a gang after you’ve become successful. Don’t make sense to become active after you’ve become successful, cause it don’t add up. Look at the results of everybody who become active after they became successful. I don’t have to say their names, they’re either dead or in jail.”

Snoop feels there is a difference with those who started out active in the streets. The tend to think and move differently, such as himself who doesn’t have to walk around acting gangsta.

“The ones who were active before they started, why do they try not to be active when they get successful. Cause they understand the consequences to that. You don’t see me still trying to keep it gangsta, cause I know the consequences to that, but it’sin me. I just don’t walk to it like that everyday,” Snoop explains.

2Pac, Ice-T & Ice Cube in Rare Exclusive Video, 1993


Legendary Hip Hop artist Ice-T can be seen with Ice Cube and Tupac Shakur in this rare exclusive video!

Retweeted from DJ First Class by Ice-T as part of throw back Thursday, the 1993 footage highlights Ice Cube and Ice-T listening to their song ‘The Looters’.

Featured on the movie soundtrack for the 1992 film ‘Trespass’, the song was originally titled ‘The Looters’. Ultimately the song was scraped and was never released, later replaced by the song titled ‘Trespass’ also performed by Ice cube and Ice-T.

“Five n*s on the roof with the proof / And one went out / White boy wanna know what it’s all about / Back in St. Louis / Down with King James so everybody knew us / Who that wanna do us? – GOOSE!! / The first motherfer done went loose / Catch him on the roof, got my news from my Deuce Deuce / Savon, can’t be clowned,” raps Ice Cube on ‘Looters’.

More rare footage from this particular day was released back in September of 2019 by YouTube user Kendricks news and Entertainment. From Tupac clowning in the studio, interviewed, and also seen interacting with Ice-T and Cube. The footage is not the best of quality, but Hip Hop heads can appreciate whenever leaks such as this one occur.

As a side note, Ice Cube and Ice-T were both featured on Tupac’s second studio album ‘Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.’ on the song ‘Last Wordz’.

In response to Ice-T’s retweet, Ice Cube replied with, “I believe that was at Paramount Studios. Sir Jinx use to love to work there. A lot of Kill At Will & Death Certificate was done there. Same room.”

DL: Remembering Makaveli Vol.3 [DVD]

Remembering Makaveli Vol.3 [DVD]
Remembering Makaveli Vol.3 [DVD]

Remembering Makaveli Vol.3 [DVD]

Remembering Makaveli is a series of 3 DVDs with unseen Tupac footage as of the release date (2006), sold on the hiphoponline.net site, by two of the famous bootleggers Dante Benz and K. Litt.

''Remembering Makaveli'' volume 3, the final chapter in the three-disc series of DVD video highlighting unseen and memorable captured moments of 2Pac's life, contains over two hours of footage, all of which is exciting to see.

Remembering Makaveli Vol.3 [DVD]
Remembering Makaveli Vol.3 [DVD]

The first hour consists of 2Pac's birthday on June 16, 1996. In a mock-documentary style coverage, meet 2Pac's mother, Yaki's mother, each Outlaw, 2Pac's sister, and several other members of his entourage (including the singer of Borrowed Times). The viewer also is treated to a tour of 2Pac's mansion and, as the day progresses on, cameras meet up with 2Pac, Kurupt, Danny Boy, and the Outlawz at the studio. Footage shows the steps in creating an instrumental and the writing of verses to the beat (among partying and lots of drinking and smoking).

In addition to the main feature, several rare and previously unseen 2Pac interviews are included. 2Pac speaks on Gridlock'd at length in a rare uncut interview that was later chopped up into 20 second sound bytes for broadcast airing. Hear him discuss the dual roles he takes on as an actor and a musician and the challenges of working alongside extremely talented people. This interview is followed by several others, in which 2Pac discusses his signing to Death Row, the demonization of his image in the media, the sexual assault case against him, working with his role models, and so much more.

Remembering Makaveli Vol.3 [DVD] Menu
Remembering Makaveli Vol.3 [DVD] Menu

This volume focuses on 2Pac telling us about 2Pac, so it features a great deal of footage of him talking directly to the viewer and telling us how he came to be the man he was. As with volumes one and two, volume three includes special bonus audio that remains unleaked. This time we are revealing one of the four tracks included as bonus... Letter 2 My Unborn (Original Version) will finally see the light of day! No audio is tagged or otherwise altered. Bonus audio is intended to keep the excitement of the project up - but remember that the video is a rare and unseen glimpse into Pac's life.

DL: Remembering Makaveli Vol.1 [DVD]

DL: Remembering Makaveli Vol.2 [DVD]

DL: Remembering Makaveli Vol.4 [DVD]

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DL: Remembering Makaveli Vol.2 [DVD]

Remembering Makaveli vol.2 [DVD]
Remembering Makaveli vol.2 [DVD]

Remembering Makaveli vol.2 [DVD]

Remembering Makaveli is a series of 3 DVDs with unseen Tupac footage as of the release date (2006), sold on the hiphoponline.net site, by two of the famous bootleggers Dante Benz and K. Litt.

Presenting ''Remembering Makaveli'' Volume 2, a DVD compilation of rare and previously unreleased footage and audio in celebration of 2Pac's prolific career. Volume two offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Hit 'Em Up video (over a hour long) as well as some other footage both pre and during Pac's Death Row days. Pac's leadership, impatience, humor, and souljah aspects of his personality all shine in this footage.

Some highlights include:

An alternate outro to Hit Em Up previously unavailable (not the Lil Kim, Jay-Z diss version!)
Alternate video plots are explored during the shooting, including 2Pac choosing Outlaw members to play Reservoir Dogs characters.

Footage of the filming of every scene used in the released video.

Behind the scenes - see the partying, humor, and stress of a video shoot.

On the fly video concepts developed by 2Pac including the decision to add a price tag to Lil Kim's wig and more.

See the fat Biggie imitator fall asleep on set.

Crew members listening to Too $hort's Gettin It album, released a few days before the video shoot.

''All Eyez on Me'' album snippets are played, and there's a song played that seems to have been meant for All Eyez that was not included. Oh yeah, we all have this song too!

See 2Pac interact with the Outlawz on set, and show both his leadership and impatience
See how the famous fire scene was actually created
Watch Pac's discomfort in being dressed like the police


''Toss It Up'' Beach Version in full VHS quality! This recording was used to create the WMV file that was leaked to the net, but this version is in full size so it is not blocky and distorted on your screen. An unreleased video!

See early footage and interviews of 2Pac when he was starting his career with Digital Underground. See him as a backup performer, and a fun loving person in interviews - starting food fights and acting a fool on camera.

Four bonus rare audio files. No hints will be given, but you don't have them in this incredible quality nor these versions. All from Death Row days. NO Tags or DJ shoutovers.

Preview of volume 3's exclusive studio footage

Several improvements have been made from volume one . All footage has been encoded from digital video streams, which helps in the fluidity of playback and allows more content. Additionally, this is a full DVD of media, with two hours and five minutes of playback and 4.16 gigabytes of data. While this release focuses on the creation of a video, volume 3 will focus on the events of a day in the life of 2Pac, culminating with some exclusive in-studio footage with 2Pac, Kurupt, Edi, Kastro, Kadafi, and Mutah. In concordance with volume one, the majority of proceeds will be sent to the TASF to purchase bricks in the name of the online 2Pac community.


- The making of Hit Em Up
- Toss It Up (Beach Party)
- Interview with Ed Gordon
- Digital Underground on YO! MTV Raps
- No Nose Job (Live)
- Digital Underground Interviews
- 2Pac Interview with Fab 5 Freddy
- 2Pac Interview on Juice
- 2Pac Freestyle Outro

plus Bonus Songs

- Late Night (Original Explicit Version) with AMG & DJ Quik
- Never Had A Friend Like Me (Original Version)
- Lil Homies (Original Version non-tagged)
- Yaki Kadafi - Medicate

DL: Remembering Makaveli Vol.1 [DVD]

DL: Remembering Makaveli Vol.3 [DVD]

DL: Remembering Makaveli Vol.4 [DVD]

Register and join the club and download over 10 000 2Pac tracks (approx. 400 GB) 99% lossless compression of rare Originals, Unreleased, Rare and Unreleased Projects, Bootlegs, Instrumentals & Acappellas.

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DL: Remembering Makaveli Vol.1 [DVD]

Remembering Makaveli vol.1 [DVD]
Remembering Makaveli vol.1 [DVD]

Remembering Makaveli vol.1 [DVD]

Remembering Makaveli is a series of 3 DVDs with unseen Tupac footage as of the release date (2006), sold on the hiphoponline.net site, by two of the famous bootleggers Dante Benz and K. Litt.

Presenting “Remembering Makaveli,” a DVD video project constructed to present the many sides of arguably the most prolific and intriguing hip hop artist in history via the most qualified commentator to discuss the man’s life, politics, music, and friends… 2Pac himself.

Contained in this release are over 85 minutes of great quality footage that has come from a variety of places and times, but none will disappoint.

Some highlights include:

* A full and uncut freestyle from the Lie 2 Kick It recording session that features the original beat.

* A cypha freestyle session featuring Grand Puba and Treach from Naughty By Nature, in which 2Pac freestyles elements from 5 Deadly Venomz twice.

* A performance of Crooked Nigga Too live at a show with Digital Underground and Raw Fusion. While it is only one verse, the original version’s instrumental is heard and it’s very familiar… The performance is followed by an interview.

* An interview with 2Pac and Thug Life members who are not the ones we all know… Interesting. Later that day 2Pac performs the I’m Getting’ Money version available on Tha Westside DVD. 2Pac and Thug Life members perform a concert later that evening and violence erupts.

* Exclusive crime scene footage gathered shortly after 2Pac was transported via ambulance to the University Medical Center in Las Vegas. Extensive video footage of the BMW is shown, as well as a press interview with the Las Vegas Police’s Crime Scene Supervisor, who reveals some interesting facts regarding the police’s proximity to the shooting that evening.

* Footage of Hammer arriving at the UMC, followed by the hospital spokesman’s press release discussing 2Pac’s condition and visitors.

* much, much, more...


A bonus song. This is an unleaked song that has not been released in any way. It is pure CD quality, during 2Pac's Death Row Record days.

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Brand New: A Biopic Of Afeni Shakur Is On The Way! “Peace, Love & Respect; the Afeni Shakur/Panther 21 story”

Afeni Shakur

The exciting news for Tupac supporters at the start of 2022 just continues to come at an extraordinary pace. After the opening of an exhibition, revealing artifacts of the life and art of Shakur, now the rapper’s fans are in for another treat. This one will be in the form of a biographic film, but not about Pac himself. Rather the light will be firmly aimed at none other than the legend’s great mother – Afeni Shakur. What’s even more exciting about the announcement is that the biopic will star a fantastic set of artists, guaranteeing a first-class production.

“Peace, Love & Respect; the Afeni Shakur/Panther 21 story”

The film will be titled “Peace, Love & Respect; the Afeni Shakur/Panther 21 story” and will feature Jasmine Guy and Jamal Joseph – both writers and directors, as the executive producers on the set. Dina LaPolt will be the producer and this is somewhat ironic as she had worked for years along with the Shakur estate on a number of cases. Now it seems like the Estate has finally given the green light for the making of such a film, which is also a historic moment in its own right.

This is quite an anticipated moment since LaPolt had actually worked together with Afeni in releasing 9 posthumous Shakur albums, as well as numerous books and even a documentary. Now, she gets the chance to put Afeni’s story on the big screen. As the producer admits, she’s well acquainted with the life and deeds of Pac’s great mother, since LaPolt’s own mother was close with Afeni. Dina recalls listening to many stories about Afeni and receiving lots of info firsthand. This includes Dina’s mother telling her about Afeni being arrested on the 2nd of April 1969, along with other members of the Black Panther activist movement.


The main storyline of the biopic will be centered around a crucial 2-year period in the life of Afeni – between the upper-mentioned day in April 1969 and June 16th, 1971 – the day when Tupac himself was born. LaPolt goes on the speak about the process against Afeni, during which she was already pregnant with Pac and decided to defend herself. Of course, being the strong and dazzling woman she is, Afeni would ultimately be acquitted from all charges.

The film will be revolutionary as well because of the fact that it’ll be the first production to reveal the operations behind the scene of the Panther 21 movement. This includes all of the work, which Afeni had done in terms of organizing free breakfast programs, medical facilities, as well as releasing information about access to education, etc.

It’ll also be a special opportunity for Jasmine Guy, who was the author of Afeni’s biography in 2005 and will now be one of the main stars behind the film production. We’re sure all Tupac lovers will be in eager anticipation of the film since it’ll also reveal some interesting stories about Shakur’s childhood years.


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