2Pac Protégé, Nutt-So Releases His Own Brand ”Outlaw Distrik”

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One of the members of the Outlawz, Sean Cole, also known as Nutt-So, has been on the move to create his new brand by the name of “Outlaw Distrik”.

Sean Cole, better known by his stage name Nutt-So is an American rapper from Oakland, California. He is the older brother of the R&B singer Keyshia Cole. He is also part of the rap-group called StreeThugs (pronounced Street Thugs) and the Outlawz. Nutt-So worked with Tupac on tracks including: Words To My First Born, Geto (Ghetto) Star, In This Life I Lead, Dumpin’, Don’t Sleep, 2Late (Too Late) Playa, Runnin’ On E.,

As well as at least three unheard songs: Burying One Of Our Own, Riders Of The Storm, Westside

This will surely come as a heart-warming bit of news for all the Tupac supporters, as they remember the good old days when both used to light-up the rap seen day in and day out. It’s no wonder that Cole continues to associate himself with ‘Pac, adding “2Pac protégé” on his bio on Instagram.

2Pac- Nutt-So-Rare-Photo
2Pac and Nutt-So

On his Instagram account, Nutt-So posted a pics of the new brand’s name. You can get in touch with him directly on Instagram and purchase clothes and different accessories, which include hoodies, t-shirts, tops, face-mask, and some others. You’ll find all of the different accessories in the link below.

Buy on Instagram or email: Celebritycoleclothing@gmail.com


Hoodies $40

T-shirt’s $20

Long sleeve T-shirt’s $25

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Sweatsuits $125

Spandex (Celebrity Fitness) $40

Snap back hats $25

Beanies $15

Facemask ear to ear $10

Facemask pullover $15

Outlaw General Jackets $125

Jerseys $25

Kids T-shirt’s $10

Infant onezies $10

Travel Blankets $40

Beach Towels $20

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