1994-12-14 / Tupac Misses Second Hearing, Manhattan

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On December 14, 1994, Tupac missed a second hearing in Manhattan. The judge issuse a one week stay on his warrant after Tupac’s personal physician states that moving him could be dangerous.

Wounded Rap Artist Avoids Jail, for Now

Published: December 15, 1994 / Source: NYTimes.com

Tupac Shakur, the wounded rap performer convicted of sexual abuse charges, was allowed yesterday to stay free for at least another week for medical reasons, even as the judge in the case sent Mr. Shakur’s co-defendant to jail pending sentencing.

For the second time since his conviction on Dec. 1, Mr. Shakur, who was shot five times on Nov. 30 in what the police called an apparent robbery, failed yesterday to appear for a court hearing to set a sentencing date. After short stays in hospitals, he has been convalescing in a secret private residence.

Justice Daniel P. Fitzgerald of State Supreme Court, who gave Mr. Shakur a week’s grace once before, took a harder line yesterday. He told his lawyer, Michael Warren, that Mr. Shakur had 24 hours to enter a hospital for a complete medical checkup or a warrant would be issued for his arrest. But after Mr. Shakur’s physician, Dr. Barbara Justice of Harlem Hospital, said that a leg wound was still bleeding and a move even to a hospital would endanger Mr. Shakur, Justice Fitzgerald said he would stay the warrant for at least a week.

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