1993-03-13 / Tupac Arrested For Limo Driver Assaulting

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Tupac Arrested for Limo Driver Assaulting
Tupac Arrested for Limo Driver Assaulting

On March 13, 1993, Tupac was in Hollywood to film a guest appearance on ”In Living Color”, a popular variety show. When the director told everyone to take a break, Tupac and his friends, hung out in a rented limo, which was parked in the Fox Television parking lot. The driver, David Deleon, said that the men started smoking weed in the car. When he asked them to stop, Tupac and one of the guys, attacked him.

Tupac said the after words were exchanged, Deleon headed for the trunk of the car and he assumed that the driver was going to get a gun. Tupac was arrested for assaulting Deleon and released in $ 15 000 bail. Tupac later explained that ”we didn’t know if the guy was getting a gun ot what.” A judge agreed and the charges were dropped.

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