1995-09-12 / Zhani Jackson (Johnny “J” daughter) Was Born

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Early in 1992, Johnny “J” got married to Capucine Cantrell they have two children together named Zhani and Niamyja and one from a previous relationship Malaysia.

Tupac, Johnny J and Capucine Cantrell
Tupac, Johnny J and Capucine Cantrell

The two had a loving and business relationship and in 1995 they formed KLOCK WORK Entertainment together. They were married until his untimely death in 2008.

On September 12, 1995, was born Zhani Jackson.

Zhani Jackson: ”ME AND TUPAC WHEN I WAS A BABY BASICALLY MY LOVELY UNCLE”/ Photo: myspace.com/zhani911


Zhani Jackson (Johnny ”J” daughter) / Source: fb/zhani.jackson
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