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1994-12-01 / Tupac Left The Hospital / Guilty Of Sodomy

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On December 01, 1994, Tupac made a surprise appearance in the Manhattan courtroom where his fate was being decided. He was wheeled in by Nation of Islam bodyguards, his charmed Rolex that the robbers didnt take on his right wrist, his left wrist wrapped in gauze, and his bandaged head and leg covered by a wool-knit Yankees hat and a black Nike warm-up suit.

He is convicted of felony sexual abuse charges, but he is aquitted of sodomy and weapons possesions charges.

After the hearing, Tupac checks himself into the Metropolitan Hospital Center under the name Bob Day.

Tupac later did an interview with Vibe Magazine about the shooting and aftermath, click below to read it. He also would mimic the whole scene of him going up to the eigth floor after the shooting and seeing Biggie and Puffy, in a music video in which he walks from the elevator covered with blood as Biggie begs for his life blaming Puffy for the set up. This was perhaps Tupac’s view of the incident.

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