DL: 2Pac – Evolution: The Definitive Collection [DVD 8]

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2Pac - Evolution presenting the long-awaited OG bootleg reissue set. This set represents a history of tracks that have leaked from late 1996 up through today, all in exceptional sources and quality. The mission of this project is not to offer the "best" remasters (a subjective assessment based on one's own preferences and hinging upon the technology of the day), 2Pac: Evolution is designed to present to you every available leaked song without all of the generational re-encoding and editing that continues even today.

2Pac – Evolution: The Definitive Collection [DVD 8]

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Dante & Rizzle

All About U (Dante's Solo Video Mix Remaster I)
All About U (Dante's Solo Video Mix Remaster II)
All Out (Dante's Studio Feedback Removal)
Cause I Had 2 (Dante's Shock G Remix Enhancement)
Changed Man (Philmatic Fix-Up)
Changed Man (Rizzle & Dante Enhancement)
Changes (Dante's Remake)
Crooked Nigga Too (Dante's Remake Solo)
Deadly Combination II (Dante's HOP Switchup Mix Enhanced Hoo
Deadly Combination II (Dante's HOP Switchup Mix Minimal Hook
Dear Mama (Dante's Remake)
Definition of a Thug Nigga (Dante's Remake)
Don't Fuck With A Killah (Dante's Killing Fields Remix)
Don't Stop (Dante's Nu vs OG Mix)
Don't Stop Keep Goin' (Dante's 2002 Mix Extended)
Don't U Trust Me (Dante's Remix II)
Fake Ass Bitches (Dante's Full Vocal Enhancement)
Fake Ass Bitches (Dante's Intro-Outro Vocal Enhancement)
Friends (Dante's Enhancement)
Fuck All Yall (Dante's Remake)
Fuckin' With The Wrong Nigga (Dante's Intro Enhancement)
Geto Starr (Dante's Outro Enhancement Version II)
Ghetto Gospel (Dante's Remake I)
Ghetto Gospel (Dante's Remake II)
Hit 'Em Up (Dante's Enhancement)
Hit 'Em Up (Dante's Video Version Remaster)
Hold On (Be Strong) (Dante's 2006 Mix)
How Do U Want It (Dante's Demo Remix Version Remake - Revise
Initiated (Dante's Demo Mix Hooks Added)
Initiated (Dante's Demo Mix)
Initiated (Dante's Soon As I Get Home Switchup with Hooks)
Initiated (Dante's Soon As I Get Home Switchup)
It Don't Feel Right (Dante's Remix)
Last Nigga Left (Dante's Retail Enhancement)
Let's Fight (Niggaz Wanna Get It On) (Dante's Capital LS Re-
Letter To The President (Dante's Studio Feedback Removal)
Life Goes On (Dante's Nu Vs Old Mix)
M.O.B. (Rizzle & Dante Enhancement)
My Closest Road Dog (Dante's Enhancement)
My Closest Road Doggs (Dante's Nu vs Old Mix)
Never Had A Friend Like Me (Rizzle & Dante Enhancement)
Niggaz In The Pen (Dante's The Prequel Mix)-Revised
Nothing To Lose (Dante's Remake)
Penitentiary Bound (Dante's 2Pac Add-In) V3
Penitentiary Bound (Dante's 2Pac Add-In) V4
Playa Man (Dante's Remix)
Ready 4 Whatever (Dante's Police Censor Enhancement)
Runnin' (Dante's Version II Enhancement)
Secretz Of War (Dante's Clip Mix Denoised)
Secretz Of War (Dante's Lost Clips Mix - Redone)
Secretz Of War (Dante's Lost Clips Mix)
Secretz Of War (Dante's Studio Feedback Removal)
Set It Off (Dante's Remaster)
Still Ballin' (Dante's Snoop Dogg Version)
Still Ballin (Philmatic Switchup)
Str8 Ballin II (Dante's Jagged Edge Mix - Revised V3)
Street Life (Dante's Remaster II)
Temptations (Dante's Remake)
The Cure (Dante's Remix)
There U Go (Dante's Whatever It Takes Mix)
Thug 4 Life (Dante's Short Remake)
Thug In U, In Me (Dante's Remake)
Thug In U, In Me (Rizzle & Dante Enhancement)
Thug In U, In Me (Rizzle Enhancement - Old Version)
Thugstyle (Dante's Enhancement Version I)
Thugstyle (Dante's Enhancement Version II)
Tongue Kissin' (Dante's Enhancement)
Too Late Playa (Dante's Danny Boy Substitution)
Toss It Up (Dante's Beach Video Version Enhancement)
Troublesome (Alternate Version Rizzle Enhancement - Old Vers
Troublesome 96 (Alternate Version Rizzle & Dante Enhancement
Trump Tight (Dante's Remake)
Trump Tight (Dante's Remastered)
Unconditional Love (Rizzle & Dante Enhancement)
Unconditional Love (Rizzle Enhancement - Old Version)
Wanted Dead Or Alive (Dante's Nu-Mixx 2 Reconstruct)
War Games (Dante's Tight Mix)
War Games (Dante's Untouchable Mix OG Loop Version - Last Ve
War Games (Dante's Untouchable Mix OG Loop Version)
War Games (Dante's Untouchable Mix)
War Games (Dante's Westside Ride Mix I)
War Games (Dante's Westside Ride Mix II)-Revised
War Games (Dante's Westside Ride Mix III)-Revised
War Games (Dante's Westside Ride Remix I - 3 Verse Solo Vers
When Thugs Cry (Alternate Version Rizzle Enhancement - Old V
Wherever U R (Dante's Enhancement)
Who Do U Love (Dante's Remake)
Why U Turn On Me (Dante's OG vs LP Mix)
World Wide Dime Piece (Dante's Studio Feedback Removal)
World Wide Mob Figgas (Dante's Enhancement)

THC Koch Remixes

2Pac - Don't Fuck With A Killa (Ruuben Remix) (With Outro)
2Pac - Don't Fuck With A Killa (Ruuben Remix)
2Pac - Pain (Ruuben Smooth Remix)
2pac - War Games (2pac Solo) (W.C. Remix) 2 final
2Pac & The Outlawz - War Games (7Aurelia THC ONLY Remix)
2pac f. Dogg Pound & Outlawz - Initiated (W.C. Remix) 2
2pac f. Outlawz - War Games (W.C. Remix) 3
2pac f. Stretch & Biggie - House Of Pain (W.C. Remix)
Pain (Breathin Switchup) (Alize NuSwitch) (192)
War Games (W.C. Remix)

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