DL: 2Pac – Evolution: The Definitive Collection [DVD 1]

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2Pac - Evolution presenting the long-awaited OG bootleg reissue set. This set represents a history of tracks that have leaked from late 1996 up through today, all in exceptional sources and quality. The mission of this project is not to offer the "best" remasters (a subjective assessment based on one's own preferences and hinging upon the technology of the day), 2Pac: Evolution is designed to present to you every available leaked song without all of the generational re-encoding and editing that continues even today.

2Pac - Evolution [DVD 1]

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2pac Catalog Dat 1 [CDQ]

01 Where Ever U R
02 When We Ride (Rip I)
03 Never Be Peace
04 Never Had A Friend Like Me
05 Fuckin' Wit The Wrong Nigga
06 Catchin' Feelings
07 My Closest Road Doggs
08 You Don't Have To Worry (Rip I)
09 Fright Nite
10 Good Life
11 Late Nite
12 Street Fame II
13 Pac's Life
14 Thug In U, In Me (Remix)
15 Da Struggle Continuez (Rip I)

2pac Catalog Dat 2 [CDQ]

01 Words To My First Born (Remix)
02 Troublesome '96
03 Made Niggas (Rip I)
04 Who Do U Believe In (Version II)
05 My Little Homies
06 Let 'Em Have It
07 Fair X-Change
08 Military Mind (Version I)
09 World Wide Dime Piece (Version I)
10 Until The End Of Time
11 When Thugs Cry
12 Hit 'Em Up (Demo To Retail Draft)

2pac Catalog Dat 3 [CDQ]

01 Still I Rise
02 Secretz Of War (Version II)
03 When We Ride
04 Hell 4 A Hustler
05 All Out
06 What's Next
07 Fade Me (Version I)
08 Tear Drops & Closed Caskets (Version I)
09 Letter To The President (Version I)
10 Everything They Owe
11 Happy Home
12 Untouchable (Freestyle) (Rip I)
13 Why U Turn On Me

2pac Catalog Dat Partials (with Additions) [CDQ]

01 There U Go
02 Confessions (Breathin' Johnny J Remix) (Version I)
03 Fuck 'Em All
04 The Good Die Young (Promotional Version)
05 Last Nigga Left (Version II)
06 Penitentiary Bound
07 Don't Stop
08 U Can Be Touched (Part I) (Rip I)
09 My Own Style (Rip I)
10 Tattoo Tears (Rip I)
11 Tongue Kissin' (Rip I)
12 Late Nite (Rip II)
13 Don't Sleep (Rough Mix)
14 Too Late Playa
15 Toss It Up (Original Version Radio Edit)
16 Toss It Up (Original Version Instrumental)
17 Ambitions of A Ridah (Clip)
18 Secretz Of War (Clip)

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Death Row - The Realest Leak [CDQ]

01 Tattoo Tearz (Rip II)
02 Just Watching
03 Last Nigga Left (Version I)
04 Letz Fight
05 Words 2 My First Born
06 U Can Be Touched (Part I) (Rip II)
07 Brothaz At Arms
08 My Own Style (Rip II)
09 Staring Through My Rearview
10 Tongue Kissin' (Rip II)
11 He vs She
12 How Do U Want It (Version II)
13 U Can Be Touched (Part II)
14 Don't Go 2 Sleep (Version I)
15 High Speed
16 First 2 Bomb (Rip II)
17 All About U (Solo Video Version)

Euphanasia [CDQ]

01 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted
02 Run The Streetz
03 Thug Passion
04 When We Ride
05 Heartz Of Men
06 Trading War Storiez
07 Late Night (Rip I)
08 Wonda Why They Call U Bytch
09 Only God Can Judge Me
10 Holler At Me
11 Life Goes On
12 How Do U Want It (Version I)
13 Letter 2 My Unborn Child

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