DL: 2Pac – Evolution: The Definitive Collection [DVD 4]

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2Pac - Evolution presenting the long-awaited OG bootleg reissue set. This set represents a history of tracks that have leaked from late 1996 up through today, all in exceptional sources and quality. The mission of this project is not to offer the "best" remasters (a subjective assessment based on one's own preferences and hinging upon the technology of the day), 2Pac: Evolution is designed to present to you every available leaked song without all of the generational re-encoding and editing that continues even today.

2Pac – Evolution: The Definitive Collection [DVD 4]

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Evil Mind Gangsta's - All Hell Breakin' Loose [CassetteQ]

Evil Mind Gangstas - Side 1
Evil Mind Gangstas - Side 2

Interscope I [VaryingQ]

01 Hopeless
02 Don't You Trust Me
03 Po Nigga Blues
04 Pass The 40
05 Don't Call Me. Bitch (Version II)
06 What Goes On
07 Keep Ya Head Up (Black Angel Mix)
08 What You Won't Do For Love
09 Hellrazor (Original Version) (DJ Motion Rip)
10 Resist The Temptation
11 Representin' For Ron G (aka The Heat)
12 Throw Ya Hands Up (Version II)
13 Sucka 4 Love (Version II Rip I)
14 Cradle 2 The Grave (Moe-Z.M.D. Remix) (Rip I)
15 Temptations (Moe-Z.M.D. Remix) (Rip I)
16 All In the Daze Of A Criminal
17 Fantasy

Interscope II [CassetteQ]

01 Bury Me A G (Rip II)
02 Hellrazor
03 Ghetto Gospel
04 Danger Times
05 Only Fear Of Death
06 R U Still Down
07 Open Fire
08 House Of Pain
09 Sucka 4 Love (Version I)
10 Can U Get Away (Hot Mix)
11 Tears Of A Clown (Rip I)
12 Can't Turn Back
13 Thugstyle (Rip I)
14 Who Do Ya Luv
15 Throw Your Hands Up (Version III)
16 I'd Rather Be Your Lover
17 Bury Me a G (Rip I)
18 Tears Of A Clown (Rip II)
19 Can U Get Away (Ragga Mix)

Interscope III & More [VaryingQ]

01 Don't Call Me, Bitch (Version I)
02 Holler If You Hear Me
03 Thug 4 Life
04 My Dyin' Day (Late Night 95)
05 Enemies With Me
06 When I Get Free (Rip I)
07 Fake Ass Bitches (Female)
08 When I Get Free (Rip II)
09 Rather Be Your Lover (Mixtape Version)
10 So Many Tears (Rip I)
11 Geto Starr (Bad Azz Edited Version)
12 How Many Shots Will It Take
13 So Many Tears (Rip II)
14 And 2Morrow

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Interviews [CassetteQ]

01 Davey D Interview (1991)
02 2pacalypse Now Interview (1992)

Live [VaryingQ]

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