2Pac - Evolution presenting the long-awaited OG bootleg reissue set. This set represents a history of tracks that have leaked from late 1996 up through today, all in exceptional sources and quality. The mission of this project is not to offer the "best" remasters (a subjective assessment based on one's own preferences and hinging upon the technology of the day), 2Pac: Evolution is designed to present to you every available leaked song without all of the generational re-encoding and editing that continues even today.

2Pac – Evolution: The Definitive Collection [DVD 2]

2pac's Tapes - 1993 [CassetteQ]

01 Thug Life
02 Addicted To These Streets
03 Runnin
04 Shit Don't Stop
05 Pour Out A Little Liquor
06 Killin' Fields
07 Bury Me A G
08 Introduced To The Game

2pac's Tapes - 1994-1995 [CassetteQ]

01 If I Die 2Nite (Demo Version)
02 Killing Fields
03 Killing Fields (Instrumental)
04 My Block (Demo Version)
05 Where Will I Be
06 Where Will I Be (Remix)
07 Where I Will Be (Instrumental)

2pac's Tapes - 1996 [CassetteQ]

01 Words 2 My Firstborn
02 Unconditional Love
03 When Thugz Cry
04 Never Had A Friend Like Me
05 Thug In U, In Me
06 Changed Man
07 Troublesome '96
08 Fuckin' With The Wrong Nigga
09 M.O.B

2pac's Tapes - Cradle 2 The Grave [CassetteQ]

01 Bury Me A G
02 Cradle 2 The Grave
03 Dear Mama
04 Introduced 2 The Game
05 Judgment Day
06 Lord Knows
07 Nothing 2 Lose
08 Only Fear Of Death
09 Open Fire
10 Out On Bail
11 Runnin' From The Police
12 Runnin' From The Police
13 Str8 Ballin'
14 Temptations
15 Thugs Get Lonely Too

2pac's Tapes - Dramacydal [CassetteQ]

01 On Top Of The World
02 Tonight
03 Just Like Daddy
04 So Hard 2 Imagine

Death Row - Old & New [CDQ-CassetteQ]

01 How Do U Want It (Power 107.5 Remix)
02 Late Night (Rip III)
03 You Don't Have To Worry (Rip II)
04 Made Niggas (Rip II)
05 When We Ride (Rip II)
06 Da Struggle Continuez (Rip II)
07 Untouchable (Freestyle) (Rip II)
08 Geto Starr (Bad Azz Explicit Version)
09 Who Do U Believe In (Version I)
10 Fuck Friends
11 Confessions (Breathin' Johnny J Remix) (Version II)
12 Better Dayz (OFTB Remix)
13 World Wide Stampede (OFTB Retake)
14 World Wide Mob Figures
15 Thug Luv (Version I)
16 World Wide Stampede (Version I)
17 Outlawz Tribute Freestyle For Lazy K
18 World Wide Stampede (Version II)

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Death Row - Tape Leaks [CassetteQ]

01 Play Your Cards Right
02 Um Dumpin'
03 Hit 'Em Up
04 Soon As I Get Home
05 This Life I Lead
06 Grab The Mic
07 Runnin' On E
08 Fade Me (Version II)
09 Letter To The President (Version II)
10 Tear Drops & Closed Caskets (Version II)
11 Black Jesus
12 Don't Stop
13 Trump Tight
14 World Wide Dime Piece (Version II)
15 One Nation
16 Military Mind (Version II)
17 Secretz Of War (Version I)
18 St Ides Commercial

It Ain't Easy [DAT]

01 It Ain't Easy
02 It Ain't Easy (Without Bass Guitar)
03 It Ain't Easy (Instrumental With Vocals)
04 It Ain't Easy (Instrumental)
05 It Ain't Easy (Acoustic)
06 It Ain't Easy

Thug Life - The Demo [CassetteQ]

01 Definition Of A Thug Nigga
02 Thug Life
03 Fake Ass Bitches
04 Pour Out A Little Liquor
05 I'm Gettin' Money
06 Faced Shootouts
07 Is It Cool 2 Fuck
08 High Till I Die
09 Time 2 Get My Drank On
10 Mr Troublesome
11 Niggaz In Tha Pen

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