DL: 2Pac – Evolution: The Definitive Collection [DVD 3]

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2Pac – Evolution presenting the long-awaited OG bootleg reissue set. This set represents a history of tracks that have leaked from late 1996 up through today, all in exceptional sources and quality. The mission of this project is not to offer the “best” remasters (a subjective assessment based on one’s own preferences and hinging upon the technology of the day), 2Pac: Evolution is designed to present to you every available leaked song without all of the generational re-encoding and editing that continues even today.

2Pac – Evolution: The Definitive Collection [DVD 3]

Dramacydal – Revenge Is Sweet [CassetteQ]

01 Gotta Get Away
02 Revenge Is Sweet
03 Dramacydal In This Muthaphuka
04 Don’t Wanna Be Broke
05 Can You Relate
06 Runnin’ (Version II)

Makaveli & Dillinger – Don’t Go 2 Sleep [CDQ]

01 Wake Up (The Intro)
02 Don’t Go 2 Sleep (Remix)
03 First 2 Bomb (Remix)
04 I’m Dumpin’ (Remix)
05 Let’s Fight (Niggaz Wanna Get It On) (Remix Version I)
06 They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us (Remix)
07 First 2 Bomb (Rip I)
08 Don’t Go 2 Sleep (Version II)
09 First 2 Bomb (Mike Dean Version)
10 Let’s Fight (Niggaz Wanna Get It On) (Mike Dean Remix)
11 First 2 Bomb (Mix)
12 Let’s Fight (Niggaz Wanna Get It On) (Remix Version II)
13 They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us (DJ Rampage Original Sour
14 First 2 Bomb (Mike Dean Remix Instrumental)
15 Daz Phone Call To Julio G’s Westside Radio
16 First 2 Bomb (Studio Take)
17 Um’ Dumpin’ (Studio Take)
18 Let’s Fight (Studio Take)
19 They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us (Studio Take) (Skip Error

Scrapped Album Tracks [VaryingQ]

01 Words To My First Born (DJ Quik Remix Explicit)
02 Thugz Mansion (UTEOT Demo Remix)
03 Never Call U Bitch Again (UTEOT) Demo Remix)
04 Words To My First Born First (DJ Quik Remix Way Too Fonky
05 Thugz Mansion (UTEOT Demo Acoustic Remix)
06 Runnin’ [Dying To Live] (KMEL Radio Mix)
07 Part 2
08 The Realest Killaz (Red Spyda Demo Remix)
09 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted (Nu-Mixx Demo)
10 Hennessey (Red Spyda Demo Remix)
11 Real Thugs
12 Trying To Make It Thru (Fanbase Remix Demo Version)
13 Everything They Owe (Johnny J Re-Done Version)
14 Killing Fields (Unedited Mutah Shoutout Son Rize Mix)
15 Ghetto Star (Bad Azz Edited Version)
16 Thug Luv (Version II)
17 Definition Of A Thug Nigga (RUSD Demo Remix)
18 Hellrazor (RUSD Demo Remix)
19 Don’t Sleep (Snippet)
20 Hellrazor (RUSD Demo Remix)
21 Geto Starr (Fastlane Legacy Mix) (Snippet)
22 Geto Starr (Better Dayz Version Unreleased Outro)
23 Geto Starr (Charlie-O Remix)
24 Geto Starr (Unreleased Remix) (Snippet)
25 Reincarnation (Snippet II)
26 Reincarnation (Snippet I)
27 Better Dayz (Johnny J Alternate Mix) (Snippet I)
28 Better Dayz (Johnny J Alternate Mix) (Snippet II)
29 Better Dayz (Johnny J Alternate Mix) (Snippet III)
30 Run The Streets (Snippet)
31 Too Tight (Studio Session)

The Outlawz – Retribution [CDQ]

01 Komatose
02 Thug Nation
03 Soulja’s Story (Part II)
04 What Goes Around Comes Around
05 Retribution
06 Still Mournin’
07 Bless My Soul
08 Novakane
09 Under Pressure (Part II)
10 Pass The Heat
11 Angel
12 Hold On
13 Stay Awake
14 Family Pictures
15 In God’s Eyes
16 The Hunger
17 Mister Makaveli

Thug Life [CDQ]

01 Life’s So Hard
02 Thugs Get Lonely Too
03 Fuck All Y’all
04 Big Time (Remix)
05 Pain
06 Ready For Whatever
07 Is It Cool To Fuck
08 Cradle 2 The Grave (Moe-Z.M.D. Remix) (Rip II)
09 Sucka 4 Love (Version II Rip II)
10 Temptations (Moe-Z.M.D. Remix) (Rip II)
11 Throw Your Hands Up (Moe-Z.M.D. Remix)
12 Losin’ It
13 Runnin’ The Police (Version III)
14 Out On Bail (Main Pass)
15 Thugstyle (Rip II)
16 House Of Pain (Bad Boy Remix)
17 Thug Life

Westwood One – Snoop Doggy Dogg [Radio Q]

01 Westwood One Part 01
02 Westwood One Part 02
03 Westwood One Part 03
04 Westwood One Part 04
05 Westwood One Part 05
06 Westwood One Part 06
07 Westwood One Part 07
08 Westwood One Part 08
09 Westwood One Part 09
10 Westwood One Part 10
11 Westwood One Part 11
12 Westwood One Part 12
13 Westwood One Part 13
14 Street Life (Remaster)
15 Wherever U R (Power 106 Radio Edit)
16 Cause I Had 2 (Shock G Remix) (KMEL Radio Edit)
17 Unconditional Love (Power 106 Radio Edit)

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