Snoop Doggy Dogg – Just Watching (OG 1) feat. 2Pac & Tha Dogg Pound

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Snoop Doggy Dogg – Just Watching (OG 1) feat. 2Pac & Tha Dogg Pound
Recorded for Snoop Doggy Dogg – Tha Doggfather (Album)

Snoop Doggy Dogg – Just Watching (OG 2) feat. 2Pac & Tha Dogg Pound

Date: February 26, 1996
Producer: Dat Nigga Daz
Samples: The Dramatics – Just Shopping (Not Buying Anything)


[2pac – intro]
Tsk tsk tsk…
Paranoid, looking nigga all crazy.
I’m just looking… Shit.
I’m just looking, baby. Yea.
{Daz} All I need is some henny…

[2pac – Verse 1]
To me it’s hard to tell what you really want,
Quit actin’ mean to me you teasin’ me the way you flaunt
But you ain’t hearin’ me sincerely, I’m so attracted,
Pictures of target practice, makin’ love on my mattress.
Visions getting’ graphic.
So realistic you can grab it, its a proven fact,
Baby gotta have it my love make it quiet magic,
Trix are for kids
Bunny rabbit, let a man have it.
bet you be satisfied if you try it my a habit.
High performance hard to handle,
Naked in the bubble bath while I’m burnin’ candles.
Sex me like a slow song,
If ****in’ you is bad baby, then I’m so wrong.
my feelins so strong.
I keep starin’ like you can’t see me,
I never planned a scam, my thoughts ran freely.
There’s no need to be paranoid,
Ain’t nothin poppin’ I ain’t worried bout your man baby girl,
Cause I’m just watchin’. (watching)

Just watching (just watching)
Not buying anything {2pac} (just watching)
{2pac} You know, I ain’t worried bout your man baby girl, I’m just watchin’.
Just wa-atching… (just watching)
(that’s right) Not buying anything
{Snoop} That’s how we get around, I ain’t worried about your man baby girl. Just go to my place.
Just watching… (just watching)
{Snoop} You know what I’m saying?
Not buying anything {Snoop} (On the real, check this out…) {Daz} You know how we do.
{Snoop} You know why? You know why?

I’m taking trips to cabo
With my Deathrow family
We out on the Row, we smokin’ diomants and gold
We pushing yachts and jetksis
Smoking on hella-weed
We trying have millions man ya can have them gs
we just wantin
iaint buyin not from those papers
insted of whating playa haters
we smoke gators
an we dont pay to no no
to sandiego the lay all over down the eye
you whonder why the game whont change
they say you gott a have hearth from the very start
when i step in to a club like magic says
can be gready whit ass the hole night his is
and pull up to a set att the nerest bar
and post up just like a dubbel ar
dont get mad cus a nigga aint spenning shit
am just watchin and presias am a pimp biatch

Just watching (just watching)
Not buying anything {daz} (his a MOTHA )
Just watching (just watching)
Not buying anything [i aint bying shit]
Just watching (just watching)
Not buying anything

come here baby
that nigga daz

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now thel me how you feal about me
the hole world know about me
dont doupt me you gott me hard
shit pussy all over my dick
slip a thug down your draw
cheackin for my dog
where **** *****es all on *****
cheacking ass and titti
but you say dont thuch i wanna ****
thats all i wanna do suck
aint no stoping when the music popping
hommie having fun
whit no gun
thel the row
deathrow gott the party of the hook
i take you around take a look

as soon as my eyes open
the first thing hit me
my hommie ont he stripp
****ing around whit swis
as soon as i hit the corner im on ya
eyes on scoope
am about to ***
on my way to se
daz pac and snoop
that somthing q *****no svett
i am all sett for trippel dubbel twist
ryan trip
i gott to clear my mind
take a cuppel hits at this bum
and say **** you *****
cus if i snitch*****
i just wanna ****
********bom ass pussy
so what would you do
rolle pass and just stop
****’at the corner
like a dog and just watch
(watch watch watch watch)

Just watching [dogpound](just watchin)
not buying anything [dog pund](thats the dog pund thang)
Just watching (just watchin)
not buying anything [dog pound](thug life man thug life)
Just watching (just watchin)
not buying anything [2pac](rap mouth *****es)
Just watching
not buying anything ooooo
Just watching
[snoop]this for the playa this for the playa]
not buying anything [this for the playa]
Just watching not buying anything [snoop]were just watchin were just watchin
not buying anything [snoop]hos that pepping in the window were just watchin

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