1993-02-20 / Tupac with young girl (Rare Pic)

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1993-02-20 tupac and fan
The time you met Tupac and the camera wasn’t ready, (rolled to the next frame) so something else caught His attention and THEN your cousin snapped the picture… This was pre-digital camera days so you couldn’t even view it and re-take it.

“This photo was taken during my 11th grade Black College Tour to Howard University. There was some sort of music festival going on and as we came out of the bathroom in the student activity center, there was “the bad guy” (2pac) from the movie Juice, per a lady lady standing next to us. I squeezed my way next to him to get a photo and as my cousin went to snap the photo, it didn’t snap. She wounded the camera and snapped the photo and we went on our way happy as can be.” – Source

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