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1991-05-25 / Tupac performing At “Black Liberation Day” in Sacramento CA

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The Front view of Tupac Shakur’s personal Manila Folder… Date Drawn: May 25, 1991, Saturday “Black Liberation Day” in Sacramento CA before performing in support of A.A.P.R.P. (African People’s Revolutionary Party) inscribed : “Here Comes the Pantha with the Power of a Nation (“uplift the race”) New Afrika must be free.”
2Pacs drawing Manila Folder May 25th 1991 FRONT
2Pacs drawing Manila Folder May 25th 1991 FRONT
“One 4 The Sukas The Album” (2pac performed a song This One is 4 the Suckas that day it was supposed to be a full album with this song but it was slated as unreleased) 2Pac spilled what looks to be a “soda” stain in the bottom right corner of the folder (interpretation based on the discoloration and a previous experiment) the spill might have been accident and he might have set soda in a plastic cup next to the folder and attempted to clean it up …the splatter can be seen on some of the writing as well… Tupac used pens, a permanent marker, and a dry erase marker on the front of the folder. Drawing shows a Marker and Microphone with a cord going downwards. Staples were also used on the ends in an attempt to make this his own handmade rap notebook…

2Pac’s Manila Folder (Back) May 25 1991

2Pacs drawing Manila Folder May 25th 1991 BACK
2Pacs drawing Manila Folder May 25th 1991 BACK
Inscribed: “World’s Best Lyricist!!! 2-Pac, 2 Produce And Create. materials he used was: 1 Green crayon slash over the A, Light & Dark Green,Red,Orange,Blue, and Black chisel tip dry erase markers, and a Sharpie permanent marker. It is a drawing of a championship belt.The folder contain water stains…Tupac may have had water in a cup and again wasted it on the folder,then tried to dry it…19 stars can be seen in total as Tupac drew these to illustrate that he was 19 years old before turning 20 that year in June…He drew the belt as the “Law of Attraction” in hopes that he will manifest himself as the World’s Best Lyricist. and his prophecy was fulfilled. The spark lines were drawn to create the effect of a bright championship belt,you can tell this is the back view because of the punctured holes from the staples.
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