One of the Closest Tupac’s Friend, Ray Luv Talk About “Trapped”

Ray Luv was one of Tupac’s closest friends during the time he lived in the Bay Area. On 1988, Tupac moved in with a neighbor and started selling drugs on the street, but...

1991-05-25 / Tupac performing At “Black Liberation Day” in Sacramento CA

The Front view of Tupac Shakur's personal Manila Folder... Date Drawn: May 25, 1991, Saturday "Black Liberation Day" in Sacramento CA before performing in support of A.A.P.R.P. (African People's Revolutionary Party) inscribed...

1992-09-25 / Released: Trapped / The Lunatic (Official Single)

Released: Trapped / The Lunatic (Official Single) (September 25, 1991)

2Pac – Trapped (US Promo CD) / 1991-08-15

Trapped (US Promo CD) 1. Trapped (LP Version) 2. Trapped (Instrumental Mix) 3. The Lunatic (LP Version) 4. The Lunatic (Instrumental Mix) Label: Interscope Records/Eastwest Records/Time Warner Released : 15 August, 1991

2Pac – Trapped (Official Music Video) | Version 2 (Cop Killin’)

2Pac –  Trapped (Official Music Video) / Version 2 (Cop Killin’) The music video features Shock G singing part of the song’s chorus and depicts 2Pac in jail. Album: 2Pacalypse Now Recorded : 1992 Label: Interscope...

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Kurt Kobane Recalls Carrying Pac’s Bloody Jewelry to LA

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