Who Was Rapper CPO Boss Hogg?

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CPO Boss Hogg was a Death Row Records rapper and Tupac collaborator from Compton, California. Vincent Edwards aka CPO Boss Hogg died on Thursday, January 13, 2022.

He began his career as a founding member of the hip hop group Capital Punishment Organization in 1989 under the moniker Lil' Nation. The group released their only album before splitting up in 1991. Afterward, Edwards continued his career as a solo artist, featuring on several high-profile albums.

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CPO was originally part of the group Capital Punishment Organization, as Lil Nation, alongside members DJ Train and Young D. They released their debut studio album, 1990’s To Hell and Black under Capitol Records—and CPO appeared on N.W.A.’s song “Findum, Fuckum & Flee” on their sophomore album, 1991’s N***az4Life.

CPO appeared on soundtrack songs from 1994’s Above The Rim and Murder Was The Case.

CPO Boss Hogg Recalls Involvement On Tupac’s “Picture Me Rollin'”

One of Compton, California’s first artists to be signed to a major label, CPO Boss Hogg was around to collaborate with N.W.A., Tupac, and RBX, among others. The veteran West Coast emcee sat down with HipHopDX to discuss a particular collaboration: Tupac’s “Picture Me Rollin’,” which occurred shortly after Tupac’s release from prison and signing to Death Row Records.


CPO described the recording process, saying that Pac laid his vocals down first. “So we laid it and everything. We sat there and listened to it. He dropped the music on my part which I thought that was interesting. I was like, ‘That’s kind of cool, accenting my voice and everything.’ [My friends] asked if we’re going to use this song and I knew damn well they’re not going to use this shit. I was [thinking], ‘Isn’t this nice that they are doing all this for the fat guy?’ My boys were like, ‘Did you realize you just did a song with Tupac.’ I said, ‘Let me explain something to you, he is not going to use that song.’ The thing is what you do is you go in, you do a whole lot of songs and then you choose from the songs that you like, and then you put those on the album.”

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“Little did I know that every fucking song he was doing, he was going to use all of them,” he said, laughing.

The song would eventually become “Picture Me Rollin’,” which ended up on Pac’s All Eyez On Me, the final album release while he was alive.

Despite getting paid by Tupac, CPO fell on hard times. “In 2000, I don’t know what the hell happened to my finances, but I was super-broke,” he said. “I had left my job because I got hurt on the job. They were supposed to pay me workers [compensation], but it hadn’t come through.”

“I was so fuckin’ broke that I decided to do the unthinkable, and call Death Row. I knew I was going to be told ‘hell no,’ but I decided to call Death Row and say, ‘I want to talk to somebody about the song I did with Tupac.'”

Much to CPO’s surprise, the call ended resulted in the rapper getting a check. “I got a letter in the mail from Universal, it looked like a check. I’m sitting there thinking what if it’s $1,500 that would be the shit right now—and then I’m thinking what if it’s $5,000,” he recalled. “Then I’m like, ‘Chill cuzz, it’s not $5,000, open the check and be happy with what you get.’ I open the check and it was a little over $37,000, and I was like ‘Whoa, I’m rich, bitch!'”

“I still get paid for that song to this day,” he said, emotionally. “Fate, that’s all I can say about how that came together.”

“‘Pac did more for me than anybody else.”

After Death Row, CPO appeared on albums by Warren G, The Eastsidaz, and other Snoop-affiliated soundtrack work. In the last decade, he worked with Compton’s Most Wanted member Tha Chill.

How did CPO Boss Hogg die?

According to the rapper's cousin, Boss Hogg reportedly died on Thursday, January 13, 2022.

The exact cause of his death has not yet been confirmed.

"Boss Hogg C.P.O. Vince Edwards Times with you were cherished. Rest well Big cousin," Clank Rivers wrote on Facebook.

Friend and journalist Chad Kiser posted a photograph of the two.

"Rest In Paradise CPO. Thank you for the talks, the support, and the encouragement! You will be missed!"

CPO – To Hell And Black (1990)

Ballad of a Menace
Ren's Rhythm
Flow to the Rhythm
The Wall
Somethin' Like Dis
The Movement
This Beat Is Funky
Gangsta Melody

C.P.O. Boss Hogg - Slippin In The West EP

Slippin In The West feat. Kurupt
Jus So Ya No feat. Jewell
Foo Nay Mic
The Eulogy feat. Slip Capone, Kurupt
Fleetwood Mac feat. Bokie Loc
Death Represents My Hood
Niggaz Iz Lyke That feat. Chocolate, Snoop Dogg, Tre' Deuce
Picture Me Rollin' - 2Pac feat. C-Bo

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