NEW LEAK: 2Pac – Peep Game Pt. 2 ft. Stretch [Mixdown]

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Tupac and Stretch recorded the ”Peep Game” (part 2) song in a Blue Palm Studios in 1994. In this song Tupac tells what happened to the woman who blames him for rape.

[Verse 1]
Momma ain’t raised no punks
Playa-hate niggas, pay attention, this is what they want
Since you all up in a nigga mix
Then maybe you can hang with the street game, don’t be a bitch
Keep your head up, baby, and I meant that
Now you trying to toss me in the mix, and bitch, I resent that
These hoes ain’t shit
Plottin’ on a nigga ’cause he rich
Then wonder why they call you bitch
And if you offended, you’s a lyin’ ass trick and that was intended
I’m coming back with a passion
And screaming ‘Thug Life,’ bitch
When my niggas get the blastin’
I’m puttin’ hoes on tape, and not ’cause I wanna, but I gotta
‘Cause tramps love to scream “rape!”
I’m rushing bitches to the hotel
And I’m blindfolding hoes I don’t know well
Huh, guess it’s hard on a nigga in ’94
If you can find a ho, nigga, peep game

[Verse 2]
Tell me what you need when you see me
Ducking these tramps ’cause they sleazy
Bitch, take it easy
I told you last year it’s a test
I know you can’t see my tattoos through my bullerproof vest
So you roll, baby, hold up
And why you touchin’ on a nigga
If I touched you back, you’d probably go nuts
You see, you hoes got it all wrong
Shouldn’t listen to them niggas that be bangin’ on them slow songs
That’s where you go wrong
I ain’t never been a trick
Fake bitch, keep yo’ clothes on
With you’re mouth closed, and you’re leg shut
If I was broke, you’d probably wouldn’t said much
But I’m paid, so you all in a nigga face
You wanna move in, fuck, get a bigger place
Please, I ain’t goin’ out like these, trick ass niggas that be fuckin’ off G’s
You suckas need your game plan changed
And peep game…

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