Jermaine Hopkins: Tupac Would’ve Been More Valuable As An Activist, Rather Than An Actor


American television star and film actor, Jermaine Hopkins, sat down on the “Art of Dialogue” Youtube channel in order to discuss 2Pac’s potential as an actor, had the fallen legend lived on.

Both men shot a couple of movies during their time together and Hopkins admits that Pac managed to get the best out of him through his roles. Although he admits Shakur would probably make it in the film industry, Jermaine has his doubts on whether the decision-makers would’ve allowed it to happen.

The actor did say as well, that Pac would surely be much more valuable to mankind as an activist for black rights since he was a renowned and galvanizing figure, who could make a real difference had it not been for his untimely death.

Hopkins rounded things off by making a very intriguing comparison between Orlando Anderson, the main suspect for the murder of Shakur, and Tupac himself. Jermaine feels Anderson had the same aura around him like Pac did, but without the fame and glory.

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