Jermaine Hopkins


Hopkins: Death Row Handled Pac wrong, Shakur Was Loyal To Suge Knight

American actor, Jermaine Hopkins, shared his memories on multiple topics, related to his relationship with Tupac. Hopkins rolled back the years to speak in detail about the time when both men were...

Jermaine Hopkins: Tupac Would’ve Been More Valuable As An Activist, Rather Than An Actor

American television star and film actor, Jermaine Hopkins, sat down on the “Art of Dialogue” Youtube channel in order to discuss 2Pac’s potential as an actor, had the fallen legend lived on. Both...

Hopkins: Pac Never Wanted To Hate New York, But He Got Nothing In Return For His Love

Famous American actor, Jermaine Hopkins, gave his insight on the rumors of Tupac hating New York City. On the “Art of Dialogue,” Youtube channel Hopkins rubbished claims about Pac always being volatile...

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