DL: For The People Ent. – Inside Death Row Vol. 1

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Tour the office, watch 2Pac as he is shown the booklet for All Eyez On Me for the first time, this thought on wanting to meet Tony Danza at the Grammy Awards, accompany 2Pac and The Outlawz to a photoshoot, and watch as 2Pac and Michel'le are behind the boards in the studio while Jewell lays down the chorus on an unheard 2Pac and MC Hammer song!

Also see exclusive never before seen interviews with 2Pac, Suge Knight, Michel'le, and more! Watch as 2Pac discusses his life only three months after getting bailed out of jail and signed to Death Row Records, hear his comments on Deloris Tucker, Bob Dole, and his label mates Snoop Doggy Dogg and more! Listen in as Suge explains his plans for Death Row and the so-called war with Bad Boy! Also, listen in as Suge Knight and Hammer conversate about his album ''Too Tight'' and how MC Hammer belongs on Death Row Records.

Inside Death Row Vol. 1

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Inside Death Row Vol. 2

Register and join the club and download over 10 000 2Pac tracks (approx. 400 GB) 99% lossless compression of rare Originals, Unreleased, Rare and Unreleased Projects, Bootlegs, Instrumentals & Acappellas.

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