DL: Remembering Makaveli Vol.2 [DVD]

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Remembering Makaveli vol.2 [DVD]

Remembering Makaveli is a series of 3 DVDs with unseen Tupac footage as of the release date (2006), sold on the hiphoponline.net site, by two of the famous bootleggers Dante Benz and K. Litt.

Presenting ''Remembering Makaveli'' Volume 2, a DVD compilation of rare and previously unreleased footage and audio in celebration of 2Pac's prolific career. Volume two offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Hit 'Em Up video (over a hour long) as well as some other footage both pre and during Pac's Death Row days. Pac's leadership, impatience, humor, and souljah aspects of his personality all shine in this footage.

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Some highlights include:

An alternate outro to Hit Em Up previously unavailable (not the Lil Kim, Jay-Z diss version!)
Alternate video plots are explored during the shooting, including 2Pac choosing Outlaw members to play Reservoir Dogs characters.

Footage of the filming of every scene used in the released video.

Behind the scenes - see the partying, humor, and stress of a video shoot.

On the fly video concepts developed by 2Pac including the decision to add a price tag to Lil Kim's wig and more.

See the fat Biggie imitator fall asleep on set.

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Crew members listening to Too $hort's Gettin It album, released a few days before the video shoot.

''All Eyez on Me'' album snippets are played, and there's a song played that seems to have been meant for All Eyez that was not included. Oh yeah, we all have this song too!

See 2Pac interact with the Outlawz on set, and show both his leadership and impatience
See how the famous fire scene was actually created
Watch Pac's discomfort in being dressed like the police


''Toss It Up'' Beach Version in full VHS quality! This recording was used to create the WMV file that was leaked to the net, but this version is in full size so it is not blocky and distorted on your screen. An unreleased video!

See early footage and interviews of 2Pac when he was starting his career with Digital Underground. See him as a backup performer, and a fun loving person in interviews - starting food fights and acting a fool on camera.

Four bonus rare audio files. No hints will be given, but you don't have them in this incredible quality nor these versions. All from Death Row days. NO Tags or DJ shoutovers.

Preview of volume 3’s exclusive studio footage

Several improvements have been made from volume one . All footage has been encoded from digital video streams, which helps in the fluidity of playback and allows more content. Additionally, this is a full DVD of media, with two hours and five minutes of playback and 4.16 gigabytes of data. While this release focuses on the creation of a video, volume 3 will focus on the events of a day in the life of 2Pac, culminating with some exclusive in-studio footage with 2Pac, Kurupt, Edi, Kastro, Kadafi, and Mutah. In concordance with volume one, the majority of proceeds will be sent to the TASF to purchase bricks in the name of the online 2Pac community.


- The making of Hit Em Up
- Toss It Up (Beach Party)
- Interview with Ed Gordon
- Digital Underground on YO! MTV Raps
- No Nose Job (Live)
- Digital Underground Interviews
- 2Pac Interview with Fab 5 Freddy
- 2Pac Interview on Juice
- 2Pac Freestyle Outro

plus Bonus Songs

- Late Night (Original Explicit Version) with AMG & DJ Quik
- Never Had A Friend Like Me (Original Version)
- Lil Homies (Original Version non-tagged)
- Yaki Kadafi - Medicate

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