Big Syke – Thug Law: Thug Life Outlawz Chapter 1 (Compilation Album)

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Big Syke – Thug Law: Thug Life Outlawz Chapter 1 (Compilation Album)

Thug Law: Thug Life Outlawz Chapter 1 is a compilation album by rapper Big Syke, It was released on October 23, 2001

Released: October 23, 2001
Recorded: 2000 – 2001
Label: RideOnUm Entertainment, D3 Entertainment, Rivera Records,
Producers: Big Syke (exec.), Nate Fox, Femi Ojetunde, Tone Capone, Vachik Aghaniantz


1.”What” (Big Syke, Young Noble, E.D.I., Kastro) 4:00
2.”Shit Is Real” (Big Syke, Napoleon, Baby Bam) 4:14
3.”Satellite Niggaz” (Big Syke, Above the Law) 3:42
4.”Fuck That” (Big Syke, Swerv) 4:51
5.”Don’t Make Me” (Big Bo, Dirty Harry, Big Syke, Mel, Talib, Big Blacc) 4:07
6.”Pay Day” (Krayzie Bone, Big Syke, Mack 10, Young Noble) 4:07
7.”No Time” (Tyme, Big Syke, Sundae) 5:39
8.”South Bound” (Alabama JU, Jelani) 4:33
9.”Who You Trust” (Big Syke, Mopreme Shakur, E.D.I., Kastro) 4:42
10.”I Am the Street” (Big Syke, Kaos, Moe, Java, Sundae, Dank) 5:12
11.”Do That” (Big Syke, Mopreme Shakur, Swerv) 4:44
12.”I Need A / I’m A (Interlude)” (Mac Mall, Sundae, Big Syke, Mopreme Shakur) 4:10
13.”Hood Nigga” (Swerv, Sundae, Big Syke) Vachik Aghaniantz 5:04
14.”Casualtiez of War” (E.D.I., Young Noble, Napoleon, Mel, Ed Bone, Big Syke) 4:26
15.”Angelz Cried” (Swerv) Vachik Aghaniantz 5:03
16.”Thug Cycosis / Real Table (Interlude)” (Big Syke, Mopreme, Rated R, Macadoshis) 5:54

Big Syke – Thug Law: Thug Life Outlawz Chapter 2 (Compilation Album)

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