2Pac – World Wide Dime Piece (International) (OG) w,/ Greg Nice, Capital LS, Asu, Snoop Dogg, Queen [1996]

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2Pac – World Wide Dime Piece (International) (OG) w,/ Greg Nice, Capital LS, Asu, Snoop Dogg, Queen

Date: June 15, 1996
Studio: Can-Am Studios, Tarzana, California
Producer: Capital LS
Originally recorded for ”One Nation


[Queen] Shit
Ain’t nothin’ wrong with fuckin’ with a nigga from the east coast
Ain’t nothin’ wrong with gettin’ a lil piece of the east (ah huh ahem *coughing) (no doubt!)
You know I stayed on the West Coast
And I’m the queen with the most
I fuck with the East Coast nigga
And that’s for damn sure
(Hey, hey baby I’m from the east and I recognize shit I’m from the east ya’ know
and I just got a call from my man Pac, and we were talking about how we like to toss ’em up
How we like our bitches ya’ know? (Mm, hmm), so uh I mean
So I loooove me some Cali pussy

[Queen] Aight nigga you don’t know nothin’ bout cali pussy though (yeah yeah)
You couldn’t possibly know nothin’ bout this west shit right here

[Greg Nice]

Ugh ugh ugh ugh (shit check it out)
Yo, money don’t grow on trees
Everybody talkin’ bout they movin’ ki’s
Probably they gettin’ dirt on they knees
No time for bull crap I gotta get these
Soon as I step my feet up in the jam
Eye balls on me wanna know who I am
Fail to realize I’m the same man
Made it funky for you
With the pure blim blam
A jelly fish, uh
You know I can’t stand
Hung out with my crew, jerked more than a grand
Frontin’ ass nigga ain’t nothin’ but a fan
I know we can make it, yes we can can
Greg N.I.C.E game playa get dough and buy land
Expand and help my brother man
Check me out y’all
A check me out y’all
A check me out
Check me out
A check me out y’all y’all

[Capitol L.S]

Let me lick you up (haha)
Let me lick you down (fat pussies)
Come on baby (and fat asses)
Let me lick you all around (all these eastside westside bitches)
What do you do
When the pussy leaves you stranded
9 times out of 10 I escape like the bandit
I took this slanted dime bitch for granted
I couldn’t understand it the ass broke out like mass transit
I was with it cushy
Was with the freaky deeky
The dickey dickey equivalent to the dickey dickey
My mushy pushy was all up inside your gushy pussy
Hey yo yo you make sure she douchey douchey
Without a doubt
Yo I’ll be all on top of that
My dick stays strapped, with a top hat
I peeked your nipples
Protruding through your negligee
And hey you say we can do this shit here everyday
Lets works this out like Jane Fonda
Over turkey lasagna
Or we can take this to the back of the Honda
You need to feel warm nut on your breasts
Ain’t nothin’ fuckin’ with them niggaz from the west


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Eternally thug nigga
Hil figga, made by Tommy
So when I speak hope to reach my biunique mammies
Or come to poppy
I love it when it’s wet and sloppy
In and out the mouth piece
Until I cum no one can stop me
My bump and grind will do ya’ every time
Come get a blast of this thug passion
It’ll blow ya’ mind
Throw up your legs, wrap them shits around my back
It’s a Westside thing fuckin’ hoes around the map
Walkin’ down 1.2.5 while I’m peepin’ out hotties
And they..
Seduce my jimmie I’ll be screamin’ give me body
Make ’em all scream my name out
Give me my props and don’t you
Love how this thug nigga beat up the cock
I’m at the weekend parade
I’m watchin’ caramel bitches play
Get with real niggas
Bull shit will never get you paid
This is the dream of a young black teen
I fiend for hoes cross country like a greedy crack fiend
Now come on


I get my shit off like clothes before sex
Steppin’ to bitches like gortex
Matter fact your next
On the agenda
So I’m a send a fuckin’ head
If ya’ say the wrong sentence
Sprint like long distance
Hit some laps baby
I’m bustin’ raps baby
Chillin’ with them niggas
That’s fuckin’ peelin’ caps baby
Mad love
Bring shoulder across through time zones
Try to catch a cyclone
You get ya’ mind blown
I show ’em
How I attract, all shapes and sizes
All eyes is on whatever makes it rises
Once she come through
I’m a show ya’ just what lumber do
You got a man
I’ll be ya’ the pencil and ya’ number 2
It’s all the same wherever you go
Hoes is hoes
Foes is foes
Pros is pros
Yeah y’all niggas know
From East to West it’s all the same
Once they hit the mattress
bitches catchin’ dyslexia
Screamin’ my name backwards
Usa, Usa ohh

[Snoop dogg talking]

Ain’t that so
Now i dun been around the world
And aye ya ya
I dun had some bad bitches
And I can’t deny
I had some bitches in New York
Some Puerto Rican bitches
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico
Come on
Puerto Rico
Hey, hey
Puerto Rico
That’s what the pussy said
When I got up outta it
That felt good
I’ve even had some hoes in D.C
I’m sayin some college hoes
I had some hoes down south
Umm yeah southern hospitality (the pussy the pussy was the bomb)
I even had some hoes up north, in Vallayho
What’s up to all my Vallayho’s? (the pussy the pussy the pussy was the bomb)
I even had some hoes down in Idaho
Gotta say wassup to all my Idahoes (the pussy the pussy the pussy was the bomb)
Oh wee
I even had some hoes over seas
The pussy (pussy) was the bomb (the pussy the pussy the pussy was the bomb)
We got off (echoes)

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