2Pac & Thug Life – Out On Bail (Demo) (1993)

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2Pac & Thug Life – Out On Bail (Demo) (1993)

thug life out on bail album

“Out on Bail” seems to be recognized as the real demo tape 2Pac purposed to Interscope at the end of 93 for his group Thug Life. With the success of “I Get Around“, 2Pac was touring everywhere, recording with a lot of people, and was planning to form a group with Big Syke around the concept of “Thug Life” that he developed earlier with him and his stepfather Mutulu Shakur, Mopreme’s Father (cf. Thug 4 Life).

They made a first session of records but Interscope thought that it was too controversial and almost all of those have been shelved or re-recorded. It had had many non official releases as “Thug Life (Demo)” or sometimes as “Thug Life 2“. The most interesting version appears to be this non officially published version in 1998 with pictures of a K7 showing tracklist written, and the mention of a first name for label « In the Bank Ent. », maybe a pre-title for Thug Life’s label “Out Da Gutta”.


Out On Bail Demo Cover back tracklist1. Out On Bail / LG

  • This was the first single planned by 2Pac for the album. He finally played it live at the MTV awards on the 5th of January 1994. It has been probably written after the october 1993 altercation with the police and the jail time.

2. Runnin’ (From The Police) [version I] feat. Dramacydal, Stretch, Notorious B.I.G. & Buju Banton / Easy Mo Bee

  • This famous combination between Pac & Biggie has many versions. Pac himself made three versions (for this Demo, re-wrote his bars for the Thug Life album and then remixed it a third time for Americaz Crucify/Me Against The World) but failed to publish it on album before the N-Y shooting and his clash with Biggie. So this original version has been dropped on compilation “One Million Strong” en 1995.
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3. Judgement Day feat. Dee Tha Mad Bitch (Bo$$), Mopreme & Stretch / Stretch

  • 2Pac’s verses have been re-used for the Eminem’s title “Soldier Like Me” on “Loyal To The Game” album.

4. High Till I Die feat. Rated R & Macadoshis / ?

  • Original version of the track that will be re-recorded in 1994 and published on “Sunset Park OST” in 1995.

5. Straight Ballin’ [original] / Easy Mo Bee

  • Final version on “Thug Life : Volume 1”.
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6. Getting Money / Mike Mosley

  • Has been fairly and slighly remixed on “R U Still Down”.

7. Faced Shoutouts (interlude)

8. Old School [original] / Soulshock

  • Final version published on “Me against the world” (1995, Interscope).

9. Only Fear of Death / Live Squad

  • This version has been published without major changes in R U Still Down (1997, Amaru, Interscope)

10. Thug Life feat. Big Syke & Prince Ital Joe / ?

  • According to Big Syke, this is the first song that they recorded as the Thug Life group. It exists a solo version or solo mix with Pac’s normal voice (because on this one, he’s rapping with “souljah” altered modified voice).

11. Niggaz in the Pen feat. Macadoshis & Mouse Man / Stretch

12. Cradle 2 The Grave [original] feat. Mopreme, Rated R, Macadoshis & Big Syke / Professor Jay

  • It has been published on the “Papa’z Song” single (1994, Interscope).

13. Get My Drank On feat. YN-Vee (interlude)

14. Is it Cool 2 Fuck feat. Macadoshis & Rated R / Live Squad

15. Definition of a Thug Nigga (Poetic Justice OST) / Warren G

  • Published in 1993 on Poetic Justice Soundtrack. So it could have been recorded in late 92 early 93.
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16. Lie to Kick it feat. Richie Rich / Warren G

  • Remixed on R U Still Down (1997, Interscope).

17. Holla If Ya Hear Me [original] feat. Live Squad / Live Squad

  • It’s written 1992 in Live Squad’s website.

18. Bury Me a G feat. Natasha Walker [original solo version] / Live Squad

  • Final version on “Thug Life : Volume 1”.
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