2Pac & Thug Life – Out On Bail (Demo) (1993) Fanmade Project

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2Pac & Thug Life – Out On Bail (Demo) (1993) Fanmade Project

thug life out on bail album

Thats a fanmade project of a member Ridah of one of the 2Pac forums bomb1st.com.

Ridah: Ok I’ll give you guys the real story on this, this is the honest truth I am the one who created this project right around the time the thug life demo was coming out, Dante had ripped me off a year before the demo appeared so I got with the original owner of the thug life demo tape and he sent me one of the CDs that Dante had sent him for their deal on the demo. So then Dante proceeded to rip him off also so I decided to take a few of the tracks from the demo and mix it up a little bit and released this myself, awkwardly Shorty-O messaged me on a forum out of the blue and sent me some cash so I sent him a CD with the tracks and he made that cover you all have today….the original cover I made for the CD I have it on my hardrive…that’s the story people lol this was made to fuxk with Dante’s sales of that thug life demo CD which at first had the bass boosted on the first batch of CD’s….


Out On Bail Demo Cover back tracklist

1. Out On Bail

2. Runnin’ (From The Police) [version I] feat. Dramacydal, Stretch, Notorious B.I.G. & Buju Banton 

3. Judgement Day feat. Dee Tha Mad Bitch (Bo$$), Mopreme & Stretch

4. High Till I Die feat. Rated R & Macadoshis 

5. Straight Ballin’ [original] 

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6. Getting Money

7. Faced Shoutouts (interlude)

8. Old School [original] 

9. Only Fear of Death 

10. Thug Life feat. Big Syke & Prince Ital Joe

11. Niggaz in the Pen feat. Macadoshis & Mouse Man

12. Cradle 2 The Grave [original] feat. Mopreme, Rated R, Macadoshis & Big Syke

13. Get My Drank On feat. YN-Vee (interlude)

14. Is it Cool 2 Fuck feat. Macadoshis & Rated R

15. Definition of a Thug Nigga (Poetic Justice OST) 

16. Lie to Kick it feat. Richie Rich 

17. Holla If Ya Hear Me [original] feat. Live Squad

18. Bury Me a G feat. Natasha Walker [original solo version]

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