2Pac – Runnin’ On E (OG 2) with Napoleon, Storm, Yaki Kadafi, Young Noble, Nutt-So

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2Pac – Runnin’ On E (Original Version 2) with Napoleon, Storm, Yaki Kadafi, Young Noble, Nutt-So

Recorded date: 1996
Studio: Can-Am Studios, Tarzana, California
Producer: 2Pac

2Pac – Runnin’ On E (Original Version 1) with Hussein Fatal, Yaki Kadafi, Young Noble, Nutt-So


[Verse 1: Napoleon]
Where do these niggaz I go runnin back, With my Outlaw pack
Don’t make me handle your head, So I proceed, young and mind I act
We on the mad for this cash, Left some dead in the back (eh yo)
We be burnin how bad, Puttin holes to they head
The game turned on’em, We got the word and we rolled on’em
Beat him so bad, he thought Jesus took his soul from’em
We cold on’em, Told him we gon’ mash this way
As I bash you on sight, Might take the pressure away

[Verse 2: Storm]

Yo, I’m a broad breaking the front lawns, My army if you wit me
Battle positions, they got the rookies, Holdin quicken
Ride for me deep and dirty, Copyin is sloppy
You got to drop me ‘fore stop me, Push the crucial to lock me
Aint a street that you Kadafi, With my mission beside
For a diehard 3rd soldier still ridin for Pac
The war ain’t over, raise your guns high
They say it’s peace? That’s a lie
So my homies die, now tell me why?

[Verse 3: 2Pac]
Ever since mama got fucked and papa ducked out
Look at us murderous thugs showin less love in the drug house
Similar to savage it’s a wonder we manage
Bring chaos causin damage on our quest for cabbage
They ask my style similar to cash we flaunt it
Most wanted by the population murdered you for it
Exploit your weakness revenge flow deep without release
Criminal orders across the water bringin the war to the streets
Why fear me, fear the shit I speak
Once this shit drop it’s heard on every fuckin street
like the sound of police, who run the street really
And every hood legends grow
from the hustlaz up at Harlem to shot callers in O’
And though, Congress, don’t want us to progress, we stress
My homie buried at an early age hustled to death
His last breath, a lesson I posses like jewels
Stay thugged out keep it movin’ (eh yo, where you)

[Verse 4: Yaki Kadafi]
Half way thugs don’t budge when we stalk the streetz
Sort of like chalk and narcotics when we walk the beat (bang)
You speak of beef pussy draw down and drop it (drop)
Hit you with 6 shots lay the law down and throw the shells in my pocket (buck buck buck)
Getting mine with nines cocked extorting
Block shots with (eh yo) 22’s in my socks
With the butt hangin out the chocolate
You never seen time I travel across the dream crime
My rolls like a million dollar bills folded with green pine (hahaha)
With my pulse racing, drink my henney straight no chasin
Catch my body like cases, 5 minutes from the station

[Verse 5: Young Noble]
I hit the hole like Allen Iverson with confidence
No finger prints that mean there was no evidence or proof that I was present
At the scene of the crime around 10 niggas bleed
After they made this punk fag motherfucker bleed
Money was bloody as shit, y’all niggas shoulda seen it
Bust a cap and freak with, bow down on your knees shit (hahaha)
The glock to your head nigga, don’t let inside action
Hit innocent by-standers when you blasted, shot fuckin backwards
Little homies puttin work for stripes
But is it worth your life, g-rides runnin red lights (ahhh)
I wish somebody would have told me then
Since I’m an outlaw like Napolean ain’t no cell they can hold me in
Caucasian, crazy like Arabians
Hold this spot like some niggas fade me in
Havin’ the fiend’s page me (maybe)
When they want the product nigga I got the smoke (smoke)
Got the weed and the coke what you need what you want (coke, coke)
What you working with I’m on some immortal shit
Outlawz we straight hurtin shit use artillery to murder with
Put on the block gangsta party like Pac (Pac)
Lifes hard from the OX me, and my niggas on top, top (party)

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[Verse 5: Nutt-So]
The glock, put the lead in pop, fuck the law
Carry steel cause I live in the niggaz side of the law
Ridin’ foes cause I can’t let hoes catch me slippin
Quick to blow and dispose if you block on hittin
Ridin high, blazin, cryptonite got a nigga dazing
Jerkin and smirken at enemies before I grave em
Ride em, look behind em, I see him
He slipped, at a stop light on this lonely night
Slide on him, so I can dump and put it in him
Hit the pedal now we high speed
With my metal tryin’ to make these motherfuckaz die speed
Up the way I seen him slow down
Caught em runnin’ on E it’s kinda funny to me
They knew they was funkin’ with me but they dumb and see

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