2Pac – Never Be Beat feat. Ryan D & Klark Gable

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2Pac – Never Be Beat feat. Ryan D & Klark Gable

Date:1988 – 1990
Leaked on Money B – “Goin’ Way Back Show”
Published on Ryan D’s Myspace


[Intro – M.C. New York / 2PAC]

Boys in the jungle
My homeboy D.J. Clark Gables
On the tables for me (that’s my nigga)
I got my man Ryan D on the beat
(that’s my nigga)
My man Ryan D, says he ain’t the one
(that’s my nigga)
Well I’ll rap the beat
(that’s, that’s that’s my nigga)
Need to know that
(that’s my, my my, my, my, my, my)
We gon tare it up in ’89 y’all
T.C., O.A.E, E.A.G
(that’s, that’s, that’s my nigga)
(that’s, that, that’s, my my ni ni ni ni nigga)
Here we go
(that’s my nigga)

You go in battles like a sucka and never recoup
But I’m the veteran the veteran go in’ like a troop
Try to stop me you can’t, you puff and you pant, pant
Try to beat me at this game, but get stomped like an ant, ant
In the long run I’m the one that’s holdin’ the mic, mic
Upset to get me sweatin’ me for the rhymes that I write, write
This time we’re goin’ at it, at it
You sucka, get ready, ready
Cause I’m your worst nightmare, FUCK FREDDY!! FREDDY
Where’s that motherfucker that said that I was a dope, dope
Tyin’ my rhymes like a rope I’ll pull it tight and you’ll choke, choke
You swear that you could beat me punk get it together
Cause I’ll never be beat ya punk, NEVER!!

Gable, cut it up (*scratching*)
Stupid fuck
(tha, that, that, that’s my nigga)
Fuck you gonna beat me?
What do I look like? A sucka?
(tha, that, that, that’s my nigga)

My mouth is like an Uzi cause it moves so quick
And the lyrics are the bullets that I’m loadin’ it with
Try to beat me homeboy, homeboy
You will be destroyed, destroyed
Get dropped like a habit and played like a toy, toy
Never defeated not conceited, conceited
But let’s face facts, facts
Couldn’t beat me with a motherfuckin’ baseball bat, bat
If I gave you a bomb that was nuclear armed, armed
You could shoot it at me sucker and I wouldn’t get harmed, harmed
Cause punk you can’t stop me, bullets couldn’t drop me, drop
Stand on a mountain still couldn’t top me, huh (top, top)
You think you’ll beat me boy get it together
Cause I’ll never be beat
Never be beat
Ne never

(that) (*scratching*)
that’s what sayin boy
One nation season in affect
New York, hold me down
Own the strength
Check this out
(that’s my nigga)

When will you learn
The tables won’t turn, turn
You keep fightin and fightin but you still get burned
Like thunder and you wonder
How my rhymes are so fly
Got an amateur, so I be cuttin till he get a dice
Off the volume I blaow
Rob and rap the whole crowd
It’s a storm when I perform, no suckaz allowed
I am confident cuz I will go where others wont go
To all the prance how to dance then rock the pole
When I cope, so you hopin that this rappin will fall
Walkin, hoppin and poppin its more then me your crawl
Keep chatter as you shatter while I do what I do
Or what you hold as true, now I’m gonna rock you
You need the radio, cuz you know my records on
Turn on your T.V. you see me that’s where I perform
That you’re sad ya mad, cuz you know that I’m bad, bad
Take your money, your girl and everything that you had, had
Never defeated, wanna made it, the crown is earned
You on top of rhymes of rockin to hell what you learned
Still think that you can beat me?
Get it together
Cuz I’ll never be beat ya punk
Never, never

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Bwoy (*scratching* that’s my nigga*)
That’s that’s that’s my nigga
Bwoy, bwoy never be beat, never beat me
Never, never
Sup, still got the static
That’s right, bwoy
Shake hands and watch me dance
That’s my nigga

I rock hard like thunder, the peoples choice
Here’s another about the brother with the golden voice
Can’t stop me, but I can stop you
I rip your heart out your chest
And then I’ll drop you
I had you, on your knees
And you’ll be beggin me
But I’ll be chokin and chokin
Till you can’t breathe
And I won’t let go, till I’m shakin, no
That you run your mouth, but I run the show
Can’t stop me bwoy

Can’t stop my D.J’s on the tables
Clark Gable is ready, willin and able
(that’s, that’s that’s that’s my nigga)
Never be beat,
(that’s my nigga)
Never, never
I’ll never be beat
(that, that, that, that, that’s my nigga)

My competition better listen
I’m takin you out
You make a move, just to prove
I’ll rip your tongue out your mouth
Out the liver, make you quiver
The bite is a choke
That’s another rappers stomach, that I’m not a joke
I tried to liver, I’ll make you quiver
Every bite is a choke
Don’t provoke, I’ll havin you chokin
Off my rhymes like smoke
Never be beat
(that’s my nigga)

(nigga, ni, ni, nigga)
Never, never, never
I’ll never be beat
(nigga, nigga, ni, ni, nigga)
Gable rip holes in the table
(that’s, that’s my nigga)
(that’s, that’s my nigga)
(that’s, that’s my nigga)
(that, that, that, that’s my nigga)

Rhymes-fumble suckers crumble, god damn I’m good
Since I been born I been strong, always knew that I could
I don’t care anywhere any place I’ll rock
Give me a mic to light and competition I’ll drop
Fast or slow, I’ll go and no one is gonna stop me yo
You must be kiddin’, you swear you’re gonna drop me no
Well sure as battlin’ is bad for your health
Know you’re confident my friend but don’t fool yourself
My mic’s a weapon, I’m steppin’ with a capable rhyme
Yo, the time for play is over you got your crew I got mine
I’m not braggin’, I’m bad and I could only get better
Your girl came on to me she wanted me I wouldn’t let her
Don’t make sense to come against me and my man “D”
So I’ll leave, still you think you can beat me?
Get it together
Cuz we’ll never beat, we’ll never be beat
We’ll never be beat ya punk, never
Never, never
I’ll never beat
And we’ll never be beat
Never be beat
(that’s my nigga)
And any muthafucka church man anything whether you got
Couldn’t stop me
(that’s my nigga)
Couldn’t stop
Never be beat, muthafucka
Couldn’t stop me ya punk
(that’s my nigga)
We’ll never be beat
M.C. New York, signing off
I gotta give a posse, hoe
To my homeboys in the Jungle
My homeboys in the Bronx
Hometown what’s up?


You suckaz no competition, step back
We ain’t takin no shorts, Ryan D ain’t the one
Remember that bwoy
(that’s my nigga)
Fuck with Nate one nation you fuck with the best
Yo Gable I’m ridin here man, do what you gotta do
(that’s my nigga)

(that’s my nigga)
(that’s my nigga)
(that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that’s my nigga)
(that, that, that, that, that, that, that’s my bwoy
(that’s, that’s my nigga)
(that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that’s my nigga)

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