2Pac – Funky Freestyles (Unreleased)

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2Pac – Funky Freestyles (Unreleased)  feat. Money B., Del The Funky Homosapien & Debbie Deb

Played : Money B’s Goin’ Way Back Show

Date: 1991
Producer: Big D The Impossible (Deon Evans)
Originally recorded for 2Pacalypse Now
Played on Money-B’s “Goin’ Way Back Show”
Samples: Loading Zone – Can I Dedicate



I hope ya can feel the texture, this section that I direct
So I connect-a, anything ya bring like a pencil
The mic is my utensil, that makes ya tense up
I’m potent like a pot and fundermental
Plot reveng and as I’m plotting I’m just sitting in the tavern
Check out the pattern of a carrot isn’t it deep like my fathers
Measure the laughter and joy I brought him easily
A piece of paper isn’t anything to me
I paint a quick picture that I can give to ya
It’s Debbie but Deb is my alias, takes more than one to prevail again uh,
Lyrical substance but a dancer and I’ll cuss ya
Check out the I and flow that I’m bustin’,
But only tempermental if ya fed up get up
While you’re up there pass me the pen so
I can etch and sketch and show ya how a real woman
Starts progress haha

[2PAC and Money B]

Ah Deb E Deb cold freakin’
Yo Deb that was real dope
Yo 2 weren’t that shit dope?
That was pretty dope and actually funky
Yo Del whats up with that?
You want me to do it?

[Money B]

The mics passed at last the freaky dog is next up,
And money down until the mics completely sexed up
And fucked up if Imma say so on the blunt tip
Licking MCs like fat juicy cunt lips, girls I wanna do ya
Wo wo wo and all that I’m killing ya dead but ya crawl back for more,
But I don’t want ya I let the rest get ya come on girlfriend,
I’m just messing with ya, you know I’ll never wear you out like a velcro
Must dash, especially when you’re giving up nuff ass
And it don’t stop ay yo 2pac you check him out

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[2PAC and Money B]

Ay yo girl trynna hide in the back though mon
Yo Del yo Del get on up here man
Yo Del do something particapate

[Del the Funky Homosapien]

D-e-l the funky human being, that is human being to the ones that need awakening
I can flex funk on the floor and make em furious, might be intimadating til a certain point
Don’t worry its cool, dab in your wits grabbing you tricks making suckas do the splits
I slide across the floor like a chorus line, as I prepare to drop a gorgeous rhyme
With a pretty presentation, placed with a purpose a shade of green and crazy,
Dels on the scene,to clean and strike the purpatraitors, face the frauds
While the audience applauds, they get enthusiastic while I use the drastic measures,
To keep the thiefs out the treasures, I can kick a freestyle and recollect the segment
Like a movie, and I still sound groovy

[2PAC and Money B]

Riight men down
stop fucking around up in here
you sound fuller than them yo 2


Ay yo leave me the fuck alone you gets none of this,
It’s suicidal you lose your title like dougalas, I’m nothing nice and
I’m icin like Tyson and I’m gripping the mic and my dj can slice in,
I’m tired of motherfuckers stepping to me with the same old game though
Trynna play me out like nintendo, how the fuck you ever think I got this far?
By booting motherfuckers like a shooting star, I’m out to show I’m a dope MC,
You think crack had ya fiendin’ wait til ya get a load of me,
Niggaz on my dick like a motherfucking condom, bitches wanna flick let ’em step
And I’ll stomp ’em, and ya just don’t stop cuz I got Deb E Deb in the house and we will drop,
All competitors hunt ya ass like a predator, bitch

[Deb E]

Spin the wheel of fortune, for a fortune of prolific paranormal positivity,
With the swift gift so witness the finess word, too many females trynna be hard
Then I pull up on the scene like I’m harder bustin’ fiends…

[Money B and 2PAC]

Ay yo yo yo chill chill
You don’t wanna fuck ’em up like that
Save that for the next track yo

[Deb E]

Just so you know the women are definately in here (Big D)
You know the lench mob in the house (lench mob)


Lench mob and the raw fusion get of my dizzanick
Hah ha ha ha ha

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