The Story of “Me Against the World” Album

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2Pac- Americaz Crucify (1994) (Unreleased Project)

Americaz Crucify” was the first chosen title for the “Me Against the World” album.
(2Pac started to recod tracks for this project at the end of 93 and finished in late 1994).
2Pac- Americaz Crucify (1994) (Unreleased Project)

So the tracks gathered here are supposed to have been recorded after or during Thug Life Sessions and before New York shooting ; during Me Against The World sessions.
Like he said after the shooting, like the “Ready 4 Die” album from his ex-friend Biggie (that he pretended to have inspired), “Americaz Crucify” should contain a really darker sound than on S4MN. The word “americaz” could be written “amerikkkaz” because we can feel there the influence of Ice Cube’s album “Amerikkkaz Most Wanted”, like on “I Don’t give a fuck” in 2Pacalypse Now.

Here’s a picture from the same period than MATW, from the serie who has been used for Loyal to Tha Game album. It shows Tupac watching through window in a Malcolm X style, feeling the menacing plot against him.

Songs : 

01. High ‘Til I Die (Sunset Park OST) / Tony Pizzaro

  • published in 1995 in Sunset Park OST, it contains some verses from 1993’s “High Till I Die” version from Thug Life’s Out on Bail Demo. It’s clearly not have been recorded in 1995, when you hear Pac’s voice. Tony Pizzaro who produced “Dear Mama” probably recorded it in the same “Me Against The World” sessions during 1994.

02. Pain feat. Stretch / Stretch

  • produced probably in the end of 1993 for Death Row’s Above the Rim OST (1994, Death Row), but only published as a b-side of “Regulate” single.

03. Let’s Get it on feat. Heavy D, Grand Puba, The Notorious B.I.G. & Spunk Bigga / Dj Eddie F (Heavy D & The Boyz) & Willy Gunz

  • Heavy D’s single from 1994. Pac’s voice sounds calm like on MATW.

04. St Ides Commercial ’93 (Freestyle)

05. Wonder Why They Call U Bitch [original 94′] / Johnny J

  • Recorded for MATW but put aside and re-recorded (2 times) for Death Row.

06. Can’t Turn Back feat. Young Akayser & Spice 1 / Blackjack

  • Recorded in 1994, 2Pac sounds clearly like on MATW. This has been released in 1996 on the Blackjack “Addicted to Drama” sampler tape.
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07. Danger Times feat. Live Squad / Live Squad

  • Recorded in 1994 (cf.

08. Po’ Nigga Blues feat. The Govenor (backing) / Daryl “Dj Daryl” Anderson

  • Recorded for The Govenor – friend from Richie Rich – (his album out in beginning 1995 with his version of the song), maybe a text from The Govenor (not Pac’s usual kind of bars and themes but who knows… maybe written by the both together). We can see 2Pac with Richie Rich during “Lie 2 Kick It” recording (cf “Animosity Freestyle”), so maybe it has been recorded at this Thug Life time.

09. Hennessey feat. Big Syke & Mopreme / Live Squad – [Red Spyda mix]

  • It’s written “(?)” on Live Squad website but we know it couldn’t have been done after the N-Y shooting and Pac sounds older than on Thug Life. Maybe it could be one of the last tracks recorded with Stretch before the shooting. This could explain why there are only such unfinished versions. That’s why we were forced to take the Red Spyda mix version – the only decent version with Big Syke & Mopreme verses. This mix like the original use the same “Shit, Damn, Motherfucker” from D’Angelo (produced by Bob Power), recorded in late 1994-beginning 1995. There is a not that bad original version but without Mopreme’s verse.

10. Pass The Mic (Freestyle) feat. Richie Rich

  • This freestyle could have been recorded earlier, maybe in 93 during Thug Life sessions or even in 92. But 2Pac also recorded a song with Richie Rich for MATW.

11. Killing Fields (by Young Thugz aka Dramacydal feat. 2Pac speaking)

  • Thorow Headz became “Young Thugz” for their first group track with 2Pac only speaking. 2Pac talks about Toni Braxton who began to be known in 94. Eventually recorded for an unreleased Dramacydal/Young Thugz album known as “Revenge iz Sweet” planned for 95.

12. Loyal To The Game feat. Treach (Naughty by Nature) & Riddler / Reginald Heard

  • Produced in the end of 1993 – early 1994 – for the Death Row’s Above the Rim OST. Published as a b-side for “Regulate” single from the same soundtrack.

13. When I Get Free II [version I] feat. Mutah aka Yaki Kadafi (backing) / Chris Rosser & Conrad Rosser (Bread & Water)

  • It has been published and remastered in R U Still Down. 2Pac will re-record this song for Death Row after being out of jails.

14. The Heat (Fuck Watcha Heard) feat. Stretch, Keith Murray, Waterbed Kevie Kev (from The Fantastic Five) / Ron G

  • It’s written recorded in 1994 (cf The Fantastic Five was the old school rap group from Dj Grand Wizard Theodore. Ron G re-used 2Pac’s verse for the track “Deadly Combination” on the Big L’s posthumous album “Big Picture” (2000, Rawkus)

15. Yo ! MTV Rap (Freestyle)

16. Words To My First Born [version I] / ?

  • known as “Things are changing” because of the chorus. It’s not a remix or a demo version of the Dj Quik’s one. The voice is clearly different on the two versions, younger on this one. 2Pac will fully re-record the song for Death Row.

17. I’d Rather Be Ya Lover feat. Madonna / ?

  • leftover track from Madonna – Bedtime Stories (1994, Maverick/Sire/Warner), recorded between february and august 1994. The track has been taken off because 2Pac was then charged for sexual assault.

18. (Don’t Make) Enemies With Me [original] feat. Live Squad, Young Thugz & Sh’Killa / Live Squad

  • Recorded in 1994 ( This song was recorded before the NY shooting and remixed for Death Row, but without Live Squad’s & Sh’Killa’s verses. So it became some sort of accusation against his ex-best friend Stretch.

19. R U Still Down (version I) / ?

  • Recorded 1994 for Me Against The world, leftover track (cf wikipedia). We chose to keep “Only Fear of Death”, “Where Do We Go From Here” and “Nothing 2 Lose” for a Thug Life 2 album, more in a such west coast funk vibe. Americaz Crucify like MATW, sounds a lil bit east vibe if i may say.

20. Amerikkka Eatz Itz Young feat. Young Lay, Ray Luv & Mac Mall / ?

  • 2Pac say “in 94” at the end of the song. This is the original version of “I Gotta Survive” remixed later for Young Lay album. This song is in perfect harmony with the title of this album. Let’s notice that it features Ray Luv, Pac’s partner in Strictly Dope group, before Digital Underground (cf Beginnings/The Lost Tapes).
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February 23, 2019 4:13 am

You must be a poser disguised as a 2Pac fan/ Supporter or some shit. I peep the lil slick shit you said while reading this.  1st of all all this isn’t an official or real tracklist 2Pac together. 2Pac wasn’t pretending when he said biggie had his album & he had to change it because Biggie’s album sounded like his. There’s validity to that. 3rd of all, 2Pac switches up the flavor often, you would know this if you were a true fan I had to say that before I say this.Po nigga blues aka cuz I had to is a type of record he would make. So for you to indicate Gov could have wrote on this because of that is bullshit. Gov has never wrote down lyrics for Pac. You don’t know wtf you’re talking about. Stop putting shit in the air so people can take it and run with it. If you truly didn’t have no ill intent when you did this, I advise you to delete it because it comes off with negative energy. 

February 23, 2019 4:14 am


February 23, 2019 4:16 am

Just because it may seem like a record Tupac wouldn’t make to you which he he would make a record like cuz I had 2, doesn’t give you the right to put in the air that gov wrote on it. People can take that and run with it. That’s how misinformation gets spread. You could have left that out

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