25 Top Hip Hop Essay Topics

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When it comes to music, it is hard to overlook the impact that hip hop has had on the music industry, according to many paper writers. When students are given the freedom to pick their topic, most will choose one that is related to music, with hip hop being a genre they focus on the most on top of rock n roll.

Hip hop essay topics students can write about

The influence that hip-hop music has on people’s lives has been a major source of debates for many years among expert writers. Many experts believe that negative lyrics found in hip-hop music have glorified gang violence, mistreatment of women, use of drugs, undermine law enforcement, and more. Overall they feel that hip-hop music has a not-so-positive impact on society however, many hip-hop fans look at it as a form of art and a way for artists to express themselves. 

They look at it as storytelling over a beat, and that not all people who listen to hip-hop music are not in gangs or act violently. There are some hip-hop fans out there who are law-abiding citizens who don’t act out some of the things they hear in rap songs. Any student looking to write papers on a controversial topic can talk about the impact the genre has on society.

A controversial rapper that one can talk about in their essay is Tupac Shakur. He is regarded as one of the greatest rappers of all time because his lyrics were inspirational, insightful, but also glorified a gangster lifestyle. Many college and university students across America watch his documentaries, read his biographies and life stories to better understand the man, the myth, the legend.

He was involved in the infamous east coast vs west coast beef in the mid-nineties with New York rapper Notorious B.I.G. Many look at this feud as one of the greatest in hip hop history because of the amount of diss tracks the two artists traded. One notable track during the height of the feud was “Hit em up” by Tupac Shakur. In this song, he claimed to have slept with Faith Evans, an R&B singer who was married to Notorious B.I.G at the time.

Many professional people in the rap industry believe that this fuel played a role in both rappers losing their lives to gun violence, with Tupac being shot in 1996 and Notorious B.I.G in 1997. Apart from writing about these two rappers, students  and academic essays writers can also come up with hip hop essay topics like

  1. How has hip-hop music influenced some dance moves seen in other genres today?
  2. What are the criteria needed for an album to be considered a classic in hip hop? You need to talk about the people who are tasked with deciding whether an album is a classic or not.
  3. Hip hop music or Rock n Roll? Which music genre has had the most influence. In this essay you have to look at both sides and pick a side you think has had the most influence.
  4. Does hip-hop music promote violence, drug, and gang culture amongst the youth of today?
  5. Examine the role that music has played in the opposition or support of politics?
  6. Poetry and hip hop: Can words in a song be considered poetry? 
  7. What jobs can a student with a music degree get? Here, you’ll need to talk about the wide range of careers a student with a music degree can venture in. These can range from managing an artist to being a producer, promoter, stage manager, sound engineer, and more.
  8. Choose your favorite era in hip hop and research the influencer that played a massive role in making it popular. There is old school and new school hip hop, here you need to pick an era and discuss some of its most popular artists.
  9. How has the hip-hop industry changed in the last 20 years? You will need to explore major developments and themes that have taken place in the hip-hop industry since its inception.
  10. Do physical album sales have a future in a world dominated by streaming? You will need to talk about whether album sales can survive in this era of customized playlist and streaming.
  11. What qualities must a musician have to succeed in the hip-hop industry? The music industry is very competitive, and this essay can touch on things an artist must do to be successful.
  12. Analysis of how music is used in adverts. In this essay, you can look at the reasons why most hip-hop artists license some of their hit records to promote a product or service.
  13. Does a genre like hip-hop music have an impact on one’s mental health? Research here should be centered on how music is used for therapeutic and mental health reasons
  14. How does hip-hop music influence the fashion industry? This is where one can look at how hip-hop music helps shape some of the trends we see in fashion.
  15. Do hip-hop artists make money off touring or album sales? This topic will require one to look at the financial figures artists signed to major record labels are entitled to when they go on, vs the amount they get per album sold.
  16. How is hip-hop music marketed in 2021? In this essay, you can look at how major record labels like Def Jam Records, Universal Records, and Interscope Records just to name a few market hip hop music and ensure it reaches the targeted audience.
  17. How hip hop covers have evolved and helped set the tone for an album’s narrative? You can look at how some of the most iconic album covers in hip hop were created and their meanings.
  18. What equipment are model producers using to create some of their biggest records? You can talk about how production now differs from those in the early ’90s and late 80’s when hip hop music started becoming popular.
  19. Does hip-hop music help educate people who are curious about African American culture?
  20. Does music help students when it comes to memory development or aid? Can memorizing music lyrics help train the mind in storing information?
  21. Is hip-hop music unfairly criticized by certain high-profile political figures? There have been many political figures over the years that have pointed the finger at hip hop for the rise in crime rates in certain American states. You can talk about whether hip hop can be blamed for the surge in crime, especially gang violence, or not.
  22. Is Drake a bigger artist than Michael Jackson? Drake has dominated the chart worldwide for the last 10 years. You can talk about his success, and if his dominance is similar to the one the late great Michael Jackson had.
  23. Reasons why there are currently a lot of female rappers in hip hop now than in the early 2000s. When the new millennium kicked in, there were only a handful of female rappers. Today, there are so many female rappers producing top-quality records. You can give reasons why this is the case.
  24. Does being a wordsmith matter in hip hop anymore, or is it all about a catchy beat and less wordplay?
  25. Where is the birthplace of hip hop as a genre? There are countless debates regarding where hip hop originated from. In this essay, you can talk about its roots up until it gained mainstream popularity in the mid-’80s.

When you are asked to write a good quality hip hop paper by your college or university, lyrics used in songs are something that you need to pay close attention to according to expert essay writers. There is no denying that hip-hop songs have some of the most controversial lyrics around, however, you can highlight a way future artists can express their opinions without causing controversy. Censorship in hip hop is a major talking point as well and something that can be looked at as a topic by professional essay writers on top of the ones mentioned above.

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