1994-10-29 / Till My Dyin Day feat. Outlawz & Aunt Glo (Unreleased)

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1994-10-29 / Till My Dyin Day feat. Outlawz & Aunt Glo (Unreleased)


[Intro – Tupac + Aunt Glo] I’m so sick of muthafuckaz askin me
How our parents feel about us
Calling these hoes bitches
So Aunt Glo
Why don’t you tell them
How we do it

(In the late night)
I’m tired of these bitches calling my house
Asking for the Young Thugs
(In the late night)
Young Thugs ain’t got time for no bitches
They trying to get rich
Stop calling
(That’s right)
(In the late now)
(Come on Aunt Glo)
(That’s word from my Auntie nigga)

[Verse One – Big Malc – E.D.I Amin]

Now it’s been a long, day
I’m straight hustling to getting pay
But now it’s evening, and I’m scheming of play
I got a call, from that Dogg nigga K

[K-Dogg – Kastro]

And I was bored, so nigga I’ll be on my way
Who got the hoes? Young Hollywood? I think he might
And I suppose, nigga we up in the night

[Young Hollywood – Kadafi]

That’s right them bitches be staring
With Lil Moo in the cut and that nigga all in

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[Mutah – Napoeon]

So what the fucking drink had me tripping
But I’ll be damned if I let another motherfucker
Catch me slipping
We in the car nigga

[Young Hollywood – Kadafi]

Be in the drive way
Because the night is young and
I’m ready to hit the highway
And now we all for that
These night call’s we strapped
You know how niggas be black

[Big Malc – E.D.I Amin]

Now we smoking weed that we need it
So let’s get the game right
And baked tight in the late night

[Chorus x2 – Tupac]

I’m preoccupied with
Straight balling, can you hear the liquor calling
Im sick of hoes nigga fuck ’em all
(In the late night)
Everyday is a bit of play
Getting paid, thug nigga till I see my dying day

[Verse Two – Young Hollywood – Kadafi]

Now it’s 2.0.6. tell me
Who the fuck I’m having sex with
Gaming these cousin’s in the Lexus from Texas

[K-Dogg – Kastro]

Expect to last past 6 cause I’m restless
My head blasted off this Sess that I mess with

[Big Malc – E.D.I Amin]

The best, click is who we choose so we making moves
Ain’t in no mood for no faking moves
So is it true?
I’m asking now
Cause if not, you and your crew could be stashed and out

[Mutah – Napoleon]

Without a doubt
These bitches know we do it right
Fuck and bust a nut
That’s how we do it on the late night


Bitches don’t even have a clue,
I keep up with my scandalous crew,
Boxes of blunts and brew, well can you handle this too?
Step up and let me put this pimping in your ear,
The game is clear,
This place is packed, let’s disappear,
Now we can hit the highway and go to my place,
But be cautious,
Once we arrive can I toss it?
No hesitation, this fornication and situation,
Fucking these hoes up to the attic, back down to the basement,
No replacement, I hit you with a piece then I flee,
Back to the streets is how I do it, ain’t no peace for a G,
And my motto, a blunt some coochie and a cold bottle,
I’m fucking them hoochies and the supermodels,
The game is deep, I can’t sleep cause there’s cum on my sheets,
Sampling bitches like a break beat, the liquor makes me,
Now when its late I’m like a convict that just escaped,
Hitting these hoochies till they break, in the late night

Preoccupied with, straight balling, can you hear the liquor calling,
I’m sick of hoes nigga fuck ’em all (In the late night),
Everyday is a bit of play, getting paper, thug nigga till I see my dying day

[Chorus repeats over outro until end]

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I’m preoccupied with
Straight balling, can you hear the liquor calling,
I’m sick of hoes nigga fuck ’em all,
Yea, thugLife nigga,
Young thugs, young thugs, thug sistas,
You know what time it is
The whole muthafuckin thug nation
You know see, keep your head up
No muthafuckin mercy, no muthafuckin mercy

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August 2, 2023 7:57 pm

I’d literally kill someone for a clear, HQ version of this song

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