The Lady of Rage – Rock On (Demo Version) feat. 2Pac

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The Lady of Rage – Rock On (Demo Version) feat. 2Pac

Rock On is also known as Big Bad Lady

Date: April 27, 1995 & April 30, 1996
Studio: Can-Am Studios, Tarzana, California
Producer: Dat Nigga Daz
Additional Vocals: 2Pac

[Verse 1]
I bust on leathers, leave ’em frying in a griddle
In the middle like Monie
You’re phony cause your style’s bologna
But I rock with no filler, ain’t a girl m.c. illa
Puttin’ rappers on ice, then lock the body in a chilla
The way I fucks it up, I upchuck nasty style like
Throwup blow up, then go nuts
Like a lady Ninja killa
I’ll drill deep beneath the surface
It’s the Rage, front page, I heat up like a furnace
My steelo gots bulk
Check the gamma rays from the She-Hulk
Stomping through your territory
New rap female category winner
And your style gets played out like the Spinners
Not a soprano, or alto, the Rage is a tenor
My voice is just right
I bust hypodermics to your inner minds eye
Makin’ you hip-hop junkies wanna fly
Like eagles, my style sharp as cathedral steeples
Showin’ & improving even a lady can be diesel
So uh – breaka, breaka, you best keep on truckin’ (unh unh)
Roll on with that chicken shit your cluckin’
Your stuck in stupid you dufis
I’m hittin so hard, I’m knockin’ out your toofis
Or teefis, believe this shit
Butthead, you’ll get played out like Beavis
Receive it, it’s yours Lyrical murdera
Still rockin on

[Hook 1: 2Pac]
Rock on, rock on
The Lady of Rage lyrical murdera
The baddest lyricist born

[Verse 2]
Now I’m a explosive vocalist, make you readjust your
Focus, no hocus-pocus, no bogus, I’m the dopest
Lyrically the locest, it’s all copacetic
I see through your synthetics with my telekinetics
I mean my telepathics, from this mouth of madness
Flows one of the baddest in existence
My existence is prevalent, hesitant not, you’ll get dropped
I’m rhymin’ so hard I see it knocking out snot
Cause I slam like collision so your vision of me
Is you can’t touch it, not even a smidgen of me
You’re pigeon shit to me, so drop it
(damn… hit this shit Rage)
I take a puff then I blow up like Moby
Runnin lyrics quicker than Toby
What’s my name? Yeah you know me
Rage, lyrical murdera, what’s my name?
Yeah it’s Rage, lyrical murdera, yeah you know me
So if you wanna see me turn on your headlights
I’ll make you run red lights, try to catch it
Slam into the Rage you’ll end up wreckage
Towed away, blowed away, cut down, mowed away
Curled up like Ola Ray
So let me straighten it out cause I’m a thrilla
Mutha fuckin’ MC cold killa
When I drop that you better drop back dat you hop back
I rock dat till dawn, yes I still rock on

[Hook 1: 2Pac](2x)

[Verse 3]
Now when it comes to the hippest in hip-hop
I make the lips drop, knees knock, buckle and shake
Now who’s to the wrong move
Get dusted, busted
Wack MC’s who can’t cut the mustard
I stick it to you like voodoo
So who do you think you’re foolin, not Rick but rulin’
You can’t hang with the noose
Your goose will get cooked
Look up in the sky
It’s fly Robin fly, givin whatever suits you
Got the size 8 timberland, to boot cha
Oops up side your head
Ayo I’m seein red like a bull
Baby I got to pull of an ox
Redd Foxx couldn’t out fox me, because I’m Foxy like Brown, Unh
Break it down now
From the end to the start, lyrical murdera
Pumps fear in, hearts I’m tearin, parts to pieces
Like Reeses, I freaks it, speak it in tongues
Put you on like Bonita AppleBum
You can’t see me, you blind to the fact I’m all that
Swingin in the wack strikin’ ’em out like bats
Hats off blast off watch me rock it
Sock it to ya, whatever it takes to do ya
Done, top gun
It’s The Lady of Rage still rated number one muthafucka!

[Hook 2](repeat till fade)
She’s that Lady (that lady)
Big Bad Lady (big bad lady)
Sexy Lady (sexy Lady)
The Lady of Rage (Lady of Rage)
The baddest lyricist born
She’s so Amazing (so amazing)
She’s such a Lady (a bad girl)
Big Bad Lady (bad girl)
Lady of Rage (Lady of Rage)
The baddest lyricist born

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