Timeline 1996


1996-04-19 / Tupac Filming The ”How Do U Want It?” Music Video

On April 19, 1996, Tupac filming the ''How Do U Want It?'' music video. Directed by Tupac Shakur and Ron Hightower. Produced by Tracy D. Robinson 2Pac – How Do You Want It? (Official...

1996-09-04 / Tupac Interview About Death Row East (MTV Video Music Awards)

''Master T: Can we talk about Death Row East , what exactly is happening. What can we expect from it? Tupac Shakur: Do you believe in God? Master T: Certainly!!! Tupac Shakur: Then believe in...

1996-03-15 / Tupac In Las Vegas (Tyson’s Match)

On March 15, 1996, Tupac and Suge Knight visit Las Vegas to attend a boxing match Tyson-Bruno, the next day.

Tupac’s Death in Las Vegas (Videos, Photos & Full Information)

The events leading up to September 7, 1996, the tragic day Tupac was shot are as controversial as the shooting itself. It was said that there were some problems between Deathrow’s lawyer...

1996-09-04 / Tupac At MTV Music Awards In New York

On 04 September 1996, Tupac attends the MTV Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall in New York. The show also marked Tupac Shakur's final public appearance before being shot multiple times...

1996-09-03 / Tupac In New York For The MTV awards

On September 03, 1996 Tupac and Snoop Dogg went to the MTV awards in New York. This photo was taken when Pac & Outlawz were walking down the streets of Manhattan giving homeless people money...

1996-09-02 / Tupac Picks Up “Euphanasia” medallion

On September 02, 1996, Tupac picks up his custom made 14k "Euphanasia" yellow gold and diamond medallion.

1996-08-31 / Afeni Visited Tupac in Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles

Afeni returned to Atlanta the morning of August 31. On her way to the airport, she stopped at the Wilshire Boulevard apartment Tupac used when he worked late. He seemed fresh, though,...

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