1996-04-19 / Tupac Filming The ”How Do U Want It?” Music Video

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On April 19, 1996, Tupac filming the ”How Do U Want It?” music video. Directed by Tupac Shakur and Ron Hightower. Produced by Tracy D. Robinson

2Pac – How Do You Want It? (Official Music Video) 1996
2Pac – How Do You Want It? (Adult Version) (1996)
2Pac – How Do You Want It? (Deathrow Uncut Adult Version)

Tupac once again making headlines with the music video for his No. 1 Rap single ”How Do U Want It?” directed by the adult film world’s notorious Ron Hightower, the video is an unprecedented convergence of high-profile porn stars and hip hoppers.

”The video is not just thrown at you” says Hightower, director of such X-Rated movies.

While it avoids the juvenile rump shaking favored in countless rap clips past, ”How Do U Want It?” isn’t exactly fit for the casual VH1 viewer. Pairing Tupac and Jodeci’s K-Ci and Jojo with erotic film luminaries Heather Hunter, Nina Hartley, and others, the video is stuffed with titillating imagery.

An alternate, nudity-free version of ”How Do U Want It?” was already one of MTV’s most requested videos at press time, while the adult version premieres September 14, 1996, on the Playboy Channel ”Hot Rocks: Back to School” music video program.

Adult Film Star Nina Hartley on Tupac Shakur:

Tupac Shakur and Adult Film Stars – Nina Hartley, Heather Hunter, and Angel Kelly.

”I met Tupac when I did the video for his single, “How Do U Want It?” I found him to be handsome, super-smart, and very sweet to me. He said he was a big fan, and I had no reason to doubt him.
I was invited to be in the video. I didn’t know he was shooting, and would never have bothered to try to audition. He deliberately sought out me, Angel Kelly, Heather Hunter, and several other porn chicks for the video.
He (Tupac) was so smart and insightful. Creative and a natural leader. The set was a bit of a mess one day and he came onto it and within five minutes had figured out what was wrong, what needed to be done, and had done it. Fucking impressive.
He was an amazing person and we hit it off right away. I had no doubts that, had he lived, he would have been a man of his word and we would have become friends.
The best part was the private party I had with Tupac, Heather and Angel Kelly, after the last day of shooting. I may tell more later, but I will say this: Tupac had what it took to be a porn stud, no problem!
It’s really sad that he was taken so soon.”

2Pac, Nina Hartley and Heather Hunter
2Pac & Heather Hunter

Heather Hunter talk about the private after party:

When DJ Vlad asked Hunter about the private party between her, 2Pac, Angel and Nina, she laughed it off and coyly responded with “yeah it was a nice party.” Hear about her time on set with 2Pac and what happened when she found out about his untimely death below.

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