Timeline 1996

1996-08-30 / “Another Haven From Crime, Gangs Opens for Children”

"Another Haven From Crime, Gangs Opens for Children" Central Los Angeles" August 30, 1996 "A Place Called Home," a safe house for youths, celebrated the opening of a new location Thursday at Central Avenue...

1996-08-24 / Tupac ”Thug Immortal” Interview by Rob Marriott

On August 24, 1996, Tupac is interviewed by Rob Marriot for what was supposed to be a series of interviews for Tupac's autobiography. Excerpts from the interview are released as the 'Bonus CD'...

1996-08-15 / Tupac, Suge Knight, Snoop Dogg, DPG Speak at The Brotherhood Crusade Rally, L.A.

On August 15, 1996, Tupac Shakur, Suge Knight, MC Hammer, Snoop Dogg, Danny Boy, and The Dogg Pound speak at the Brotherhood Crusade Rally in Los Angeles, CA. “One thing I’d like to...

1996-08-12 / Tupac Recorded ”Black Jesus” with Outlaw Immortalz & Val Young

On August 12, 1996, Tupac recorded ''Black Jesus'' in Can-Am Studios (Tarzana, CA) with Val Young, Yaki Kadafi, Storm, Hussein Fatal, Kastro. Produced by 2pac & Hurt-M-Badd Black Jesus (Original Version 1) Black Jesus (Original Version 2) Black...

1996-08-12 / Tupac Recorded ”Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong”, ”Black Jesuz” & ”Just Like Daddy”

On August 12, 1996, Tupac recorded three songs in Can-Am Studios (Tarzana, CA): Ain't Nothin' Wrong (Interlude) / Leaked in 2016. Black Jesuz feat. Yaki Kadafi, Storm, Young Noble, Kastro, Val Young, Tyrone Wrice / Produced...

1996-08-01 / ”Gang Related” Movie Filming Started

On August 01, 1996, Tupac started filming ''Gang Related'' Movie with James Belushi, Dennis Quaid, Lela Rochon, David Paymer and James Earl Jones. The film revolves around two corrupt cops who attempt to frame...

1996-07-29 / Tupac Recorded ”Pac’s Life”, ”Street Fame” & ”When Thugz Cry”

On July 29, 1996, Tupac recorded three songs in Can-Am Studios (Tarzana, California): ''Pac's Life'', ''Street Fame'' & ''When Thugz Cry''. Pac's Life (Original Version 1) 1:48 min. & (Original Version 2) 2:21 min., produced...

1996-07-22 / Tupac Records ”The Good Die Young” & ”In Gods Eyez” (Unleaked)

On July 22, 1996, Tupac records two songs: ''The Good Die Young'' feat. Val Young, Napoleon, Young Noble, Kastro, E.D.I. Mean, Young Noble), Produced by Darryl "Big D" Harper ''In Gods Eyez'' is unleaked yet.

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