Snoop Lion – Boulevard

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Snoop Lion – Boulevard

Album: Reincarnated
Released: April 23, 2013
Label: Berhane Sound System, Mad Decent, Vice Records, RCA Records


[Hook] As I take a look down the boulevard
Full of ghetto youth, life is very hard
So many faces bearing the battle scars
But love I bring to the people
Coming straight from the heart
If crisis is what we see
All over the world is pure controversy
One man can’t put the price pan humanity
It seems like the whole world’s gone crazy

[Verse 1] Everybody knows Johnny came from the roughest part of town
Survived the School of Hard Knock’s but still came up and made his chips
The realest life, never watch it down
Walk with a gun through the heart of town
We hearin bam bam bam, a familiar sound
To the youth down in the gully where Johnny boy done grow
He never thought that he would make it out
It’s crabs in the barrel down in ST close

[Verse 2] Poor Johnny Johnny got stuck for his money
Things get funny when you rump with the daddy
Later on the goons pull up in the black Caddy
Next step on the news them find another dead body
Tales for the inner city
We break it right down to the nitty gritty
Who’s responsible for the crime and poverty?
What a tragedy

[Verse 3] I wish that I could singlehandedly free the entire planet
Earth from crime and poverty
Me heart would a love to see the day
When we burn racism, jealousy, and hate
And if everyone should participate
Come into slavery, we would be emancipated
If we break our eggs then co-operate
Not no can stop we from achieving the greatest



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