NEW LEAK: 2Pac – ”No Parts of Dis” (Unheard Song) CLIP

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The third song, “No Parts of Dis”, appears to be completely unknown. It’s very rough, clearly in its early formative stages as a song, and breaks off rather suddenly at the 2:52 mark. An unknown Tupac song! Unfinished, but still…

This cassette was auctioned at ebay in September, 2012. Recently, a clip of the unheard ”No Parts of Dis” song was released. The songs were recorded in 1991.

NEW LEAK: 2Pac – ”No Parts of Dis” [1991] Unheard Second Clip

Cassette description :

It includes four songs (these are the titles as they appear on the insert): 1) Tears of a Clown 2) Scared Straight 3) No Parts of Dis 4) That’s Just the Way It Is.

The first song, ”Tears of a Clown”, appears to be roughly the same as the unreleased version you can hear on YouTube except that this version includes some out-of-tune backing vocals. Also, this version cuts off after 4:00.

This is NOT the same unreleased “Scared Straight” that you can hear on YouTube. Here, Tupac says a few words in the beginning (something about being hungry) not included in that version. This version has no piano. The beat is very stripped down -no strings. It’s around 2:10 long.

The fourth song is, of course, is a very early version of  “Changes”, here titled “That’s Just the Way It Is”. It’s an unknown version as far as I’m aware. The beat is very stripped down. There’s no singing in the beginning, no strings. The lyrics are different in all sorts of small ways. You can hear Tupac mutter “goddamn” at the beginning –or maybe this is after the end of the third song, it’s hard to tell. The song ends abruptly with crowd noise at the 2:49 mark.

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