2Pac – Um Dumpin’ (Version 2) (Remix)

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2Pac – Um Dumpin’ (Version 2) (Remix) feat. Roscoe, Eastwood, Daz Dillinger, Plague & Tristar

Written by T. Shakur, D. Arnaud
Recorded: 1996
Producer: Dat Nigga Daz
Studio: Can-Am Studios, Tarzana, California
Samples: Esham – Devilshit; Live Squad – Heartless
Available on “Makaveli & Dillinger: Don’t Go 2 Sleep EP”

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[Intro:] Blast off

Dump, dump, dump, um a dump
Dump, dump, dump, um a dump
Dump, dump, dump, um a dump

[Roscoe] I got hand grenades
Land mines and glock nine’s
Triple beams, screams and busted spleens and broken spines
Broken bones and open domes from explodin’ chromes
I got a home in Rome
How you holdin’ homez
You still throwin’ stones
Breakin’ niggaz for they figgaz shootin’ bones
I got every kind of ammo from glocks to sling shots and rocks
To a Heckle and Koch with a close potent red dot
With a red spot on your fore-head
We blowin’ up countries with nuclear war-heads
The plague spreads
Generation X
Bustin’ old heads with hollows
Penetratin’ ya neck
Came here in a bucket
Got away in a Lex
Don’t flex
They won’t find the body
Just pieces and specs
I got full clips and 2 tek’s
But I never put the safety on
On a Kawasaki racer you can never chase me on
Never catch me on
My heat tightly in my palm
One more step I’m blowin’ off shin’s and fore-arms
I’m Dumpin’

[Hook] Blastin’, Blastin’ Blastin’
I’m Dumpin
First one come through blastin nigga


I stay ready with my pistol cocked
Bustin’ shot’s at weak blocks
With, seventeen cops all around my spot
They tryna hold a nigga suspect
They say I’m loaded with tek’s
And if I’m freed then they don’t know what’s next
Cuz I’m Eastwood smashin’ as the Young Assassin
Blastin’, dashin’ stashin’ the heat with passion action Jackson
Quick with lead poison attacks
Rappin’, packin’ spit’s see them venomous raps
Where ya heat at? I bet y’all ten to one
That deals get done
One still we all walk out one
Nigga I’m Dumpin’

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[Hook] Forever with a strap and a smile
I’m Dumpin’
Don’t make Young Wood get wild (yea nigga)
I’m Dumpin’
Forever with a strap and a smile
I’m Dumpin’
Don’t make Y.A. get wild

[Daz Dillinger]

Who come through hoo bangin’ on niggaz
Daz Dillinger nigga
Rough n’ rugged and raw
Smashin’ and breakin’ niggaz jaws
Cash money make me move sumthin’
Five ten’s and hundreds make a nigga kill sumthin’
I’m just chillin’ relaxin’ rollin’ in my four door classy
Jumpin’ out on (yo whats up?) these niggaz prepared and we blastin’
Sendin’ niggaz to there fuckin’ greatest fuckin’ master
DPG and Makaveli nigga Young Assassins
I’m Dumpin’

[Hook] Blastin’ on these bitch ass niggaz
I’m Dumpin’
Cali coast ring from head to head
Yea nigga


I’m combustible, combusted dumpin’ on you bustaz
When the lead fly your head fly say a little sumthin
I make a tough guy a dead guy put that on sumthin
Nigga that’s on me you won’t leave faggot’s die bleedin
Ain’t no guarantee you guarantee you never stop breathin
Look that’s what the game get ya
Plague take the flames with ya
We make a tall nigga crumble like the trade center
Y-A made raised me in
These cops want a nigga locked they tryna cage me in
That’s why we shoot first
Cuz we ain’t got nothin’ to lose
They struck a nerve lit a match
And ignited the fuse
I’m six short from a six pack
I think I’m goin crazy
Till they bury me
I’ll never let these mother fuckers worry me
I’m Dumpin’

[Hook] Blastin’ on these blastin’ on these niggaz
I’m Dumpin’


Murderous mind state
Can’t keep my nine straight
Sippin’ on this Hennessey waitin’ for the time to break
Show up and mother fuckers bow down recognize
(Y-A Outlaw Dogg Pound Rydaz)
Untouchable mob of pistol packers
Well known fellas labled for drugs sellin’ mercyless jackers
Forever buzzed roll with thugs and don’s
Commence to lettin’ off rounds
Then escape in the fog
Who want to see me solo?
Catch Makaveli while he’s sleepin’
My Mini fourteen murderin’ niggaz while they creepin
Duck or you ass out
Drink till you pass out
Ain’t scared to die
Drunk drivin’ in my glass house
Niggaz is under me
They bitches come to me
They heard the stories nigga now they want to really see
Bomb first my motto
It’s fully guaranteed
Niggaz is playa haters
Label em’ my enemies
I’m Dumpin’

[Hook] Blastin’ on every nigga soft
I’m Dumpin’
Two shot’s to this motherfuckin jaw


I got millimeters, Desert eagles and stolen regales
Nobody can do it like me and my people when dumpin’
I got 6 glocks (6 glocks)
1 Tek (1 Tek)
And a M-16 with a infra-blue beam
Bout to set off
Dumpin’, Dumpin’ got these bitch niggaz jumpin’
Pumpin’ the pump
And beware
Four niggaz comin’ with nothin to lose (nothin to lose)

[Hook] Um a dump, dump, dump, um a dump
Dump, dump, dump, um a dump
I’m dumpin
Blastin, blastin, blastin, blastin
I’m dumpin
First one

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