2Pac – Um Dumpin’ (OG) feat. Gonzoe, Nutt-So, Kurupt & Scarlo

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2Pac – Um Dumpin’ feat. Gonzoe, Nutt-So, Kurupt & Scarlo

Written by T. Shakur, D. Arnaud, R. Borwn, S. Cole, R. “Gonzoe” Brooks
Recorded: 1996
Studio: Can-Am Studios, Tarzana, California
Producer: Dat Nigga Daz
Samples: Esham – Devilshit; Live Squad – Heartless
Released:”Pac’s Life” (2006)


[Intro: Gonzoe]
Ha ha
South Central Los Skandless
Like this

I got my pistol cocked and my knife
Bout to slice this nigga windpipe
Throwin’ tops swervin’ me on the dice
Nigga thought he was nice with the slickness
But the nigga I am say I’m the kid with the quickness (punk ass bitch)
Respect the game them lame niggaz die slow
Hustler fly straight like Frank feared scarface
From the Glock the lead waist
Diggin’ out ya chest plate i’m straight
Trimmin’ you for your wins and hit the gate
I’m not waitin’
Thinkin’ which way i’m runnin’ on my escape
Hop on the 210 and wait for you to retaliate
The terrorist doin’ all niggas who even flinch nigga my glock never miss
To your grill goes my fist
When I slit your wrists
With the styles of a record
South Central Los Skandless
Anybody kick buckets (westside)
I’m doin niggaz in a rap tussle
Rip out your backbone slow
You go to pieces like a puzzle
I’m handin’ out muzzles to you whack Mc’s
Black fitted cap to the back with the GAP jeans to my knees
Niggaz “Under Seige” like “Segal” they fall
Till my tactics chin checkin’ and charge like Charles (corleone)
I want it all
The loot, the chronic plus the dips
First nigga that flinches catches a bullet form my hip
In the rage your in a cage with my Glock to ya grill
Let them dumb-dumbs loose
Now your brains is on the ceiling nigga

Murderous mind state
Can’t keep my nine straight
Sippin’ on this Hennessey waitin’ for the time to break
Show up and muthafuckers bow down recognize
Westside, Death Row, Outlaw Rydaz
Untouchable mob of pistol packers
Well known fellas labelled for drugs sellin’ merciless jackers
Forever buzzed roll with thugs and don’s
Commence to lettin’ off rounds
Then escape in the fog
Who want to see me solo
Catch Makaveli while he’s sleepin’
My Mini fourteen murderin’ niggaz while they creepin’
Duck uh you ass out
Drink till you pass out
Ain’t scared to die
Drunk drivin’ in my glass house
Niggaz is under me…
They bitches come to me
They heard the stories nigga now they want to really see
Bomb first my motto
It’s fully guaranteed
Niggaz is playa haters
Label em’ my enemies I’m Dumpin’
Look out young niggaz cuz it’s time to dump
I’m versatile
Muthafuckers the type of rhymes you want
Niggaz got me in there sight
Now I’m runnin’ for my life
Tell what’s that Westside like



I’m all about the paper chase
Cause the paper makes life so great
Plus haste makes waste
And I gots the whole spot locked down I concoct styles
Catch me rollin all the fuck around with the top down
Nigga menace with a microphone, most murder masher
Verbal disaster create a thirty-eight stasher
In The Inner Zone where the Hell raiser roams
There’s no place like home, Tec-9’s and chromes
Gots the heater sequence for the heat to disperse
Just in case worse come to worse I dumps first
The pump cause curse, curse, it’s the curse of the pump (pump
The one to dump last is the first to get slumped
It’s the mental temptation, mental assassination
My heart skips a beat for the heat sensation
I’m death defying bitches lying sayin, ‘I ain’t cute’
Now she wants an autograph (eh give me an autograph)
Bitch, I ain’t Snoop (what)

One bold bitch ready to go for broke
Hittin’ up you mark’s with my muthafuckin 4
I’m comin’ up out the Hillside so I’m ready for the static
And niggaz on my team it’s the 4 flash automatic
Puttin’ all you hoes in your muthafuckin’ place
A bitch named Scarlo is steppin’ up in yo face
I’m dustin’ off you chumps with the 44 slug
And livin’ up on the lights
Punk I’m ready to pull your plug
So niggaz you wanna jump you gotta jump a little higher
Scarlo nigga the Miss messiah
So bitch you better get a grip of games
You fuckin’ with the Hillside, mental insane
Point no return and now my life is on the edge (edge)
But livin’ in my misery
I’m fucked up in the head
Use to call me up and tell me ‘so (so)
I gotta do a mission on my ass I gotta go
Cuz you can run hide
But I’m gonna catch ya when tryna escape
You know my get won’t let ya run, hide
But I’m gonna get ya when tryna escape
You know my gat won’t let ya
West thug for life

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[Hook: Makaveli]

I’m dumpin’
Empty my gun it’s time to run
Cuz here come the cops
I’ll be duckin’ em’ for blocks
Nigga I’m dumpin’
Empty my clip forever bustin’
Eastcoast nigga rushin’
Muthafucka i’ll be dumpin’

[Verse 5: Nutt-so]

Load up them thangs
Nigga it’s time to dump
Sneakin’ on niggaz that be sleepin’
Puttin’ they ass in the trunk
You slipped and got crept on now it’s ride time
To the Hills where niggaz kill
And peal your shit on skyline
It’s die time
And can’t no nigga save you
So kneel to your fuckin knees
And feel this 4-5 fade you
Aimin’ for heads
Pumpin’ leads till I bury ya
Niggaz be duckin’ but I’ll be swingin’ low like Chariot
No love..
Pumpin’ slugs..
Like i’m servin’ dubs
“Buck, buck”
Now tell your dead homies I said wassup
Lul-a-by-rock-a-by, nigga die
And rest in peace eternal flames from this fire
My 45 smoked him, and broke him
And left him hung like a dick
With his leg ripped
And his eyes wide open
Gat smokin’ no jokin’
Bullets hummin’
Deleted his soul from his corpse
As he lay
As I was dumpin’

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