2Pac – Play Ya Cardz Right (Version I – Male Version) feat. Outlawz Immortalz & Tyrone Wrice

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2Pac – Play Ya Cardz Right (Version I – Male Version)

feat. Outlawz Immortalz & Tyrone Wrice

Date: January 10, 1996
Producer: Johnny “J” Jackson
Studio: Can-Am Studios, Tarzana, California
Samples: Alicia Myers – If You Play Your Cards Right



Another shady mission, had enough of shady tricks,
you so suspicious, like watchin’ pictures and haze vision…
tonight is love makin’, take you any place you wish,
today we satisfied, and tradin’ slowly kisses…
blind insanity, perfect pictures of me and my family,
not understanding the destiny, had a plan for me…
if I have kids, will I live to see ’em grow?..
tho’ I don’t know, I live the life of a Thug nigga until the day I go…
broken promises, a secret bound broken
I know I’ll die alone, but yet and still I’m hopin’…
visions of prisons, maybe I’ll be forgiven,
I know it’s better in heaven cause being here ain’t livin’…
close my eyes and see nothing but pain, the worlds crazy,
still look for a queen to plant seeds and have babies…
maybe I’ll be the one, or just maybe I’m lost,
you’ll never know, being cautious, and play yo cards right…

[Chours] K-Ci and Jo-Jo


I’m always in the mix,
life is full of tricks…
I guess, tryin’ my best,
nothing less, before I lay to rest…
my quest and future I’m mold like a new born baby,
intense and seldom to the world I’m so crazy…
my daddy raised me to be a man, do the best I can,
he said you won’t succeed in life without a plan…
it’s hard to take my people trade me,
with Indian hate, can’t wait better change before it’s too late…


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They got me at the bottom of a deck, searching for my Ace,
I can’t take too many jams, ain’t much lovin’ no place…
full of torman and soul, and it’s written all in my face,
hollow inside, a crooked smile is the only trace…
a mission slightly incomplete,
misconceptions of success and defeat,
I rome these dark streets alone…
searching for yo homie, smokin’ til I’m gone,
when I need someone to kind of lay my praries on…

[Chours] K-Ci and Jo-Jo

[E.D.I. Mean]

December 30 in nineteen-ninety feen yeah,
my reincarnation steps in, born into a world that don’t love itself,
but the love is wealth…
my little nigga listen closely, if you don’t remember nothing else,
just remember that life ain’t nothing but a game,
a gamble, and how you play yo hand will sho’ explain,
for what’s ever…
in times you gone journ into a crossroad, get lost tho’,
keep on buryin’ and let ’em see you up in floss mode…


Mysteriously it seems,
thru my deepest thoughts and dreams,
it’s all wrong, Pac do wrong gone…
and now 18, I’m stranded on my own abandon here in a zone,
protect my throne…
pow like a king, Al Capone style…
lay no tracks on this rhyme, coked up, with Craig Ogenwind,
livin’ life as a Don, Guess Cortex; Louie Vaton…
with my future behind me, livin’ with these snakes,
sent here to blind me, one day I know my futures gonna find me,
am I crying?…

[Chours] K-Ci and Jo-Jo

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