2Pac – Pantha Power – Ryan D. & Gable (Unreleased)

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2Pac – Pantha Power – Ryan D. & Gable  (Unreleased)

Date: 1989
Leaked on Ryan D’s myspace page


[Intro – 2PAC]

We worked hard,
we worked hard on this so, hope u like it, called Pantha Power
All right reserved, copyright 1989
Thank you very much, peace

(Whether your educated or your iliterate but you live on a boulevard or in a alley,
you gonna catch hell just like I am)


As real as it seems the American Dream
Ain’t nothing but another calculated schemes
To get us locked up shot up back in chains
To deny us of the future rob our names
Kept my history of mystery but now I see
The American Dream wasn’t meant for me
Cause lady liberty is a hypocrite she lied to me
Promised me freedom, education, equality
Never gave me nothing but slavery
And now look at how dangerous you made me
Calling me a mad man cause I’m strong and bold
With this dump full of knowledge of the lies you told
Promise me emancipation indispute nation
All you gave my people was starvation
Fathers of our country never cared for me
They kept my acestors shackled up in slavery
And Uncle Sam never did a dam thing for me
Except lie about the facts in my history
So now I’m sitting hear (mad) cause I’m unemployed
But the government’s (glad) cause they enjoyed
When my people are down so they can screw us around
Time to change the government now (uh) panther power


Panther power (that’s why everybody everybody we coming in the place)
Panther power (OneNation Emcees in effect)
Panther power (that’s right that’s right, y’all know what time is it)
Panther power (and it ain’t no joke, what?)
Panther power (y’all know the meaning of the song)
Panther power (Bringing the facts directly to you)
Panther power (yo yo check this)
Panther power (yo, yo, yo) is in effect, go

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[Ryan D.]

Yo check it out my brother and my sister, too,
because of this is of the debt that I related to you
It’s a fact that we’re livin’ in a white manz world
Gettin’ by everyday and put your mind in his world
see it’s a serious problem that is not death
you see they tried to help to help us out but tell me do they care?
tell me honestly
and every ghetto on employments, a poverty
with every brother walk around sleepin’ in the streets,
because they don’t got a home and can’t make ends meet
With every sisters turn their tricks, just to feed their kids
c’mon people tell me now, what time it is
cause I’ma try with all my might and try as hard as i can,
they keep it all here together, in our land
thats right I said it was ours don’t make n fuss,
you cant ship us out now on no fuckin bus
but I’m here to say, thats a straight up fact take
heed to my rhyme cause I’m proud to be black
and if I gettin’ you steamed go take a cold shower,
cause I’m here to talkin’ about what?
Pantha Power

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Panther power (c’mon everybody, lift your hands up in the air)
Panther power (front lint)
Panther power (new african panther)
Panther power (go)
Panther power (in effect)
Panther power (for the people)
Panther power (here we go)
Panther power is in effect, go


My Mother never let me forget my history
Hoping I was set free chains never put on me
Wanted to be more than just free
Had to know the true facts about my history
I couldn’t settle for being a statistic
Couldn’t survive in this capitalistic
Government cause it was meant to hold us back
Using ignorant, drugs, to sneak attack
In my community think of unity
But when I charged them, tried to claim immunity
I strike America like a case of hard disease
Panther power is running through my arteries
Try to stop oh boy you’ll be clawed to death
Cause I’ll be fighting for my freedom with my dying breath
Do you remember that is what I’m asking you?
You think you living free don’t let me laugh at you
Open your eyes realize that you have been locked in chains
Said you wasn’t civilized and stole your name
Cause some time has passed seem you all forget
There ain’t no liberty to you and me we all ain’t free yet
Panter power

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Panther power (that’s right everybody we’re in the place)
Panther power (were gonna tell ya what its all about )
Panther power (you know how to stand up)
Panther power (c’mon, c’mon, C’mon, c’mon)
Panther power (I want everybody get up)
Panther power (OneNation Emcees’ in the place)
Panther power (c’mon i want everybody throwin down with me)
Panther power is in effect (what?)

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[Ryan D.]

Now understand cuz the message that I planned to speak
It’s just the realest not ilogical because you know that its deep
I give them fact, I give them figure that our people should know
they only try and hassle us cuz they really do owe
and the nation is the reason that we live this way
we get a job got to work yet were still not paid
The price is simply being black and all the predjudice
I really try it makes me wonder but it don’t make sense
you say you give us a chance we can work to the top
but when i try and get half up the sign tells me (STOP)
I seen it times before and I’ll see it again
its such a shame I’ll never see the white man as a friend
but infact i aint mad you see many are cool
but overall homeboy (Don’t be a fool)
cuz they’ll get ya in the end yes they always do
because they dont give a damn about your family or you.
But don’t ever give up please
Don’t be a coward just stand up for your rights and advocate
Panther power!

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Panther power (C’mon lemme see that stance everybody)
Panther power (Put the fist in the air)
Panther power (Everybody, This is for Malcolm X)
Panther power (yeah this for eveyone)
Panther power (this for Aria Tebent)
Panther power (this for Led Payda)
Panther power (for all those brothers, sisters)
Panther power is in effect (Yeah boy)
Panther power (We doin it now)
Panther power
Panther power (Get off me don’t try and stop me)
Panther power
Panther power (Yeah we do it)
Panther power
Panther power forget this man)
Panther power (fuck the government)
Panther power (lets do this)

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