2Pac – Faced Shootouts (OG Unreleased Interlude) (1993)

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2Pac – Faced Shootouts (OG Unreleased Interlude)

Date: 1993
Recorded for Thug Life Vol. 1
Leaked on the Thug Life – ”Out On Bail” Demo
Samples: Ohio Players- Far East Mississippi


[2PAC – Soulja Voice]

What? What? Why would i do that? I didn’t do that (Get ’em)
Shoot that nigga! (*Gunshot*)
It’s on, hahaha, it’s on
Niggaz goin’ (*Gunshot*),
Huh, hahaha
Can you feel it? We go (*Gunshot*),
Huh, Oaktown in the house,
niggaz goin’ (*Gunshot*), That nigga got a gun,
Richtown in the house, motherfuckers goin’ (*Gunshot*),
Huh, South Centerals in the house,
motherfuckers goin’ (*Gunshot*), huh,
Houston, Texas, can you feel me? (Watch out) go (*Gunshot*),
Huh, Springfield, Queens in the house,
motherfucker’s (booyao) goin’ (*Gunshot*), Huh,
Young Gunz in the motherfuckin’ house,
let me hear you go, (*Gunshot*), Huh,
can you feel it? motherfuckers go, (*Gunshot*) huh,
Thug Life, Thug Life, we goin’, (*Gunshot*) huh,
Mack 10 go, (*Gunshot*) huh,
Rated R in the motherfuckin’ house (*Gunshot*),
Mix Million, Mix Million, (*Gunshot*) huh,
Road Runner (get ’em) (*Gunshot*), huh,
D Loc, smoke ’em, (*Gunshot*), huh,
Sergio, huh (booyao) get that nigga (*Gunshot*),
Big Syke in the motherfuckin’ house go (*Gunshot*), huh,
Lil Cory grow strong (booyao) nigga it go (*Gunshot*), huh,
Man Man in the motherfucker (*Gunshot*), huh,
Peu Suit in the motherfuckin’ house go (*Gunshot*), huh,
huh, feel me (*Gunshot*), huh,
Baines in this mothafucker (*Gunshot*), huh,
Big Stretch in the motherfuckin’ house (booyao) (*Gunshot*), huh,
K-Low in the motherfuckin’ house (look out, look out) (*Gunshot*), huh,
Mand, you bad boy (*Gunshot*), huh,
Y?N-Vee (I’m commin’, I’m commin’, I’m commin’, oh oh), They go (*Gunshot*),
I need a gangsta bitch,
let me hear you go (*Gunshot*), huh,
can you feel it? (booyao) It goes (*Gunshot*),
ayo, fuck the police, we goin’ (*Gunshot*),
in ’93 ya find ’em dead (*Gunshot*), huh,
2 shots in the head (is that a cop? get ’em) hear me (*Gunshot*), huh,
Borie don’t fade the police, we gives a fuck (*Gunshot*), huh,
Thug Life nigga, all my niggaz goin’ (*Gunshot*), huh,
Bloods and the Crip-s, we go (*Gunshot*)
Did you hear me? Bloods and the Crip-s we goin’ (*Gunshot*), yea,
fuck the police, huh we go (*Gunshot*),
Nation wide, we go (*Gunshot*),
Let me just tell ya dealin’ with, nigga (shoot that nigga) (*Gunshot*),
My glawk 45, mini 14, 12 guage misburg (*Gunshot*), 9 millimeter,
can ya feeeeeel it? (*Gunshot*) Yeah,
Bitches can’t fade me, we goin’ (*Gunshot*), huh,
And all my niggaz in the pen, huh we goin’ (*Gunshot*), huh,
I say my niggaz in the pen, we go (*Gunshot*), huh,
See ya when ya get out niggaz, we goin’ (*Gunshot*),
Thug Life in the motherfuckin’ house, we go (*Gunshot*),
P7, P7, P7 in the motherfucker, we goin’ (*Gunshot*), huh,
Thug Life nigga (read the papers, read the papers) (*Gunshot*),
Yeah nigga, thought you knew,

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