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“BIG Is My Brother”- Pac’s Beef With Big Ended Before He Died

Outlawz Claim Tupac Shakur Said His Beef With The Notorious B.I.G. Was Over Right Before He Died Since the passing of the two rap icons...

Big Frank Respond Storm’s interview of ”Thug Angel” Movie

Big Frank responds to Storm after she had posted an interview for THUG ANGEL. Big Frank: ''Wow I can’t believe that no one has posted...

Legendary Bossolo & His New Album ”No Mercy”

Bossolo born Timothy Timmons is an American rapper from Riverside Ca Influenced in the late 80's by Rodney O & brother Marquise from to...

1996-04-24 / Tupac In Studio

April 24, 1996, Tupac in the studio. This day he recorded these songs: Last Nigga Left This Life I Lead U Can Be Touched World Wide Mob Figgaz

1996-04-12 / Tupac, Yaki & E.D.I. Photo (Rare)

April 12, 1996 / Tupac, Yaki & E.D.I. Photo

1995-11-05 / Tupac Live At Club 662 With The Outlawz

On November 05, 1995, earlier in the day, Tupac was photographed in gas station in Las Vegas. In the evening, Tupac along with The Outlawz...

1995-10-07 / Big Syke & Desiree Smith (Dez) Visits Tupac In The Prison

On October 07, 1995, Big Syke & Desiree Smith (Dez) visits Tupac in the prison. See also: Tupac's handwritten letters to Desiree Smith  ''The photographs were taken in...

1995-09-30 / Outlaw Immortalz Visits Tupac In The Prison

 On September 30, 1995, newly formed Tupac's group Outlaw Immortalz visits him in the prison. Waiting for the soon release from prison of Tupac, they...

Edidon – Straight Ahead (Lyric Video) feat. Kastro & King Sunda (New Brand Video)

Buy: EDIDON – The Hope Dealer Artist: Edidon Lable: O4L Digital Directed By: The Sutardy Brothers Album: The Hope Dealer, Pt.1 https://itun.es/us/TR5B_ instagram:@EDIDON twitter.com/@therealedidon facebook.com/OfficialEDIMEAN facebook.com/THEOUTLAWZ  

1994-04-29 / Tupac & Mopreme was arrested in Hollywood for concealed weapon

On April 29,1994, Tupac and his step-brother Mopreme was arrested after police found a loaded 9-millimeter pistol and less than half a gram of...

Young CRhyme – I Miss Your Brother feat. Mopreme Shakur (Tribute To Tupac)

Young CRhyme - I Miss Your Brother feat. Mopreme Shakur (Tribute To Tupac) Song written by Young CRhyme aka Money Mendoza & Mopreme Shakur Producer by Nils Nöhden...