1994-12-14 / Tupac Misses Second Hearing, Manhattan

On December 14, 1994, Tupac missed a second hearing in Manhattan. The judge issuse a one week stay on his warrant after Tupac's personal physician states that moving him could be dangerous. Wounded...

1994-12-01 / Tupac Left The Hospital / Guilty Of Sodomy

On December 01, 1994, Tupac made a surprise appearance in the Manhattan courtroom where his fate was being decided. He was wheeled in by Nation of Islam bodyguards, his charmed Rolex that the...

1994-11-14 / Tupac at New York State Supreme Court, Manhattan

On November 14, 1994, Tupac holds a notebook as he waits in line to pass through the metal detectors at New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan. He was charged with sodomy.

1994-10-26 / Tupac was sentenced (baseball bat case)

On Wednesday, October 26, 1994, Tupac returned for sentencing. He could have gotten up to 90 days in the East Lansing jail. Instead, he was sentenced to, and served, 10 days in jail,...

1994-09-27 / Tupac at Criminal Courts Building, L.A. (weapons possession charges)

On September 27, 1994, Tupac arrives for a court hearing on weapons possession charges at the Criminal Courts Building in Los Angeles.

1994-09-14 / Tupac pleaded guilty (baseball bat case)

On September 14, 1994, Tupac pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in exchange for the dismissal of the felonious-assault charge. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail, 20 of which were suspended, and...

1994-07-05 / Tupac spits in the direction of reporters, Supreme Court, NY

On July 5, 1994, Tupac spits at reporters, cameras and reporters as he leaves the state Supreme Court in New York. The evening goes Tupac's Tunnel nightclub, where they meet accidentally for a...

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