1994-05-11 / Tupac pleads not guilty for gun charges (Hollywood Case)

Tupac pleads innocent to charges in his April 29, 1994 arrest in Hollywood. On April 29, 1994, Tupac and his step-brother Mopreme was arrested after police found a loaded 9-millimeter pistol and less than half...

1994-05-10 / 15 day sentence in a Los Angeles jail (Allen Hughes Case)

On May 10, 1994, Tupac attends a court hearing in Los Angeles, CA and begins serving his 15 day sentence in a Los Angeles jail for assaulting Allen Hughes. As a result of...

1994-03-10 / Tupac Sentenced for Assault (Allen Hughes)

March 10, 1994 Los Angeles Municipal County Court Case #RO617, The People v. Shakur The press begins fighting for prime shooting positions by 8:45. MTV, local affiliates and national networks send out the same gumpy...

1994-02-01 / Tupac At Los Angeles County Municipal Court Аgainst Allen Hughes

February 1, 1994 Los Angeles County Municipal Court Case #RO617, The People v. Shakur The Hughes brothers arrive at court with four bow-tied hired security, presumably the Nation of Islam's Fruit Of Islam. Tupac strolls...

1993-12-16 Tupac Is Arraigned In Rape Case

On December 16, Tupac is arraigned for his alleged sexual attack. He pleads innocent. The victim of the alleged attack claims Tupac and his associates have threatened her life. See also : The Rape...

1993-12-01 / Tupac In Court : Off Duty Police Hearing (Atlanta)

Tupac attends a hearing in Atlanta on charges of shooting two off-duty police officers . 2Pac and Mark Whitwell, one of the police officers, are both bound over Fulton County Superior Court...

1993-11-20 / Tupac Out On Jail – $50,000 Bail

Tupac is released from jail on $50,000 bail. See also : Tupac Shakur Trial Abuse: 1994-95 (Full information) Tupac’s  Story Tupac’s Shooting New York 1994  Ayanna Jackson’s Story 18 Days After Tupac Arrested (18 November, 1994)

1993-11-01 / Charges Filed Against Tupac For Shooting Two police Officers

On November 01, 1993, Charges Filed Against Tupac For Shooting Two off Duty Police Officers In Atlanta, GA. See also: 1993-10-28 / Tupac In Atlanta Municipal Court

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