Snoop Lion – So long

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Snoop Lion – So long

Album: Reincarnated
Released: April 23, 2013
Label: Berhane Sound System, Mad Decent, Vice Records, RCA Records


[Hook: Snoop Lion]
So long we’ve been on this journey, and I know we can make it
Stay strong our hearts been yearnin’, and no one can break it
Round and round our world keeps turnin’, no one can stop the time
It’s just another bridge we’re crossin’, keep this message in your souls and minds

[Snoop Dogg & Angela Hunte]
They try to break a bond, but what they didn’t know
That we were built so strong, yeah they didn’t know
But in their hearts and minds, we were gone, said we were a no show
Baby don’t you cry, for as long as I’m alive, you live


[Snoop Lion & Angela Hunte]
If I should die tonight, I’d be happy that I knew you
If I should lose my sight, I’d still go on with all my mind
If all the words and fights, still can’t get it right, yeah
Baby don’t you cry, for as long as I’m alive, you live

[Hook] – 2X


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