2Pac – Untouchable (Drunk Freestyle) (Unreleased)

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2Pac – Untouchable (Drunk Freestyle) (Unreleased)

Recorded: 1996
Studio: Can-Am Studios, Tarzana, California
Producer: 2Pac


[Intro: 2Pac]
It’s ‘Pac, Makaveli
I’m in the studio drunk than a motherfucka
Ready to freestyle this shit, and do it wild
Live, for all my dogs
Fo all my dogs out there raisin’ hell
Just to see a young nigga raise the bail
Stepped out on the streets fresh from jail
All the police wanna rag and tell
Not knowin’ that I stacks my mail, uh
All these niggas wanna see me fail, uh
That’s just the intro
As I sit back and rock this instrumental, uh

[Verse 1: 2Pac]
After the fire comes the rain
After pleasure there’s pain
Even though we’re broke for the moment
We’ll be ballin’ again
Time to make your, my military be prepared for the bustas
Similar to bitches that’s scary, get too near me then rush ’em
Visions of overpacked prisons
Millions of niggas thug livin’
Precious, three strikes, hope they don’t tell us
They pull a heater, ammunition in grace
Shh, move without a sound as we slide down pistols in place
They got me feenin’ for currency, the money be callin’ me
It’s like I’m dreamin’, seeing scenes of me ballin’
Sophisticated, and this fuckin’ misbehavior
Got the cocked 4-5, snatchin’ niggas’ pagers
Labeled a mark, soon as we start, it was hard to quit
Started out drinkin’ 40s, moved to harder shit
Goddamn, now I’m a grown man
I follow no man, nigga, got my own plan
In my hand got the .45, I kick it live to survive
Make these niggas die, while gettin’ high, though we cry
When these thugs bomb, niggas’ll leave in their caskets
That’s what you get for being playa hatin’ bastards
Me and my clique so legit
We keep a 50 on us, niggas know
You can’t touch us
When they get to come against us
These niggas be defenseless, it’s senseless
Knockin’ niggas back on the fences
My whole clique be sick
And though we rip whole crews
Niggas knew we came through drinkin’ 22’s of brew
And though we drink Hennessys
We provide our enemies with mo’ shit
The art of war so legit
I read, my name out, Makaveli
With the Thug Life tatted on the bottom of my belly
Can these niggas understand this?
My whole family is sick and so scandalous
Let’s me introduce my clique:
Castro, when he blasts y’all
Niggas run and hide
Napoleon will provide
The game
Let me explain why E.D.I
Provide shit, for the needy and take from the greedy
Kadafi, he not sloppy, and not a copy
He’s the only one, bring a gun, if you want it
Young Noble, bring the soul to the true
Let ’em know we come through in a bucket or BMW
We trouble you, the W for Westside
Niggas die when they try to infiltrate my crew
We never hide, we ride, and die, together
And when you see my clique we always ride forever
Me, my whole clique is sick, we smoke sinsimi’
Can you convince the G, that they could come against me?
You can see me on TV or live
Niggas die when they try to come against me
Never hide
In my own zone, in my own dome, in my mind I’m a don
Nigga knew it once I came armed, I
Splashed on niggas
Will I dash on niggas?
Once I mash these figures, I’ll be badder, nigga
It’s me, Makaveli, A.K.A The Don of this whole clique
Niggas, you so sick
That’s my freestyle drunken flow
Just so you bitch ass niggas in the back row know
Whether it’s New York or Texas, ride through in a Lexus
Or BMW, I trouble you, throwin’ up forever this big ol’ W
My double R proves I’m a big rap star
Rockin’ the grooves, niggas where ya at, where ya are
Is the back, in the front, when ya bump this shit
I keep a gat inside my trunk legit
Always, though I’m on probation, I still rock the nation
Out on bail, though last year I was in jail
Raise hell, until I get my mail
Will I fail? Hell nah, nigga, bite my nails
I keep a manicure, though you panic
You’re still gon’ die, when Pac get high
Smokin’ indo, I roll my window down
A smooth criminal, and though I pack this pound
3-5-7 or 4-5
Will I hide? Will I die? Will I ride?
Niggas never know why
My whole crew, a family clique
Are we sick? Are we live?
Though we struggle to survive
In this motherfuckin’ ‘95 turn to ‘96, ’96 turn to ‘97
I keep a 3-5-7, Mack 11
Back home I got a M-R
What did I say, a mini 14? Haha, my double R
Ride with my clue, ride with my crew
You don’t have a clue, nigga, when we’re comin’ for you
We hit the House of Blues, actin,’ like fools, my nigga Fatal
Put a gun inside his club, I keep this fucker prenatal
Had a banger inside his chest, nah nah
Banger inside his belly, nah nah nah
It was Makaveli that told him to bring that gat outside his belly
I say, “Yo, Fatal, what are you crazy?”
Niggas pissin’ outside in the front
Niggas sayin’ “Goddamn, them niggas is funny as hell”
What you want? You want some funk?
Hell nah, them niggas don’t want no beef
That’s why we left that motherfucker in a Rolls, a limo, I mean
With bitches inside to meet
I was chillin’ in the back, drinking on some Hennessy
I just did a dope ass show, them niggas will always remember me
Came from Italy, bellisimo, was the call
Yeah, nigga, I got Versace, Armani
All them niggas wanna fuck with me, y’all know
I always represent my people to the fullest
Yeah, I’m that same motherfucker took 5…bullets
Count em, came out, rappin’ and stealin’
And makin’ 5 motherfuckin’ records got sold, millions millions
Haha, platinum, I made 5 platinum shits, know what I’m sayin’
Niggas, can’t fuck with me, 2Pacalypse, not known for playin’, huh
I took shots, and gave shots, fuck the cops
Will I stop, until my shit, reach the top? Hmm
Niggas out there wanna do me
Whether it’s Mobb Deep, Bad Boy or The Fugees, hahahahaha
Y’all niggas’ll never stop me, never drop me, never make me fall
Me, 2Pacalypse, all I know how to do is BALL BALL BALL!
My crew, survive reincarnation after I’m dead
They’ll rock and roll and bring the funk to the whole nation
And you know
Each one of these niggas have a gun wit’ my name on it, you know
I spit the game so clear it’s plain on it, you know, huh
When I’m dead, my niggas’ll ride for me, kill everybody
They each got a city to pick to make it our party

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