2Pac – When Thugz Cry (Hidden Interlude) (Unreleased)

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2Pac – When Thugz Cry (Interlude) (Unreleased)

When Thugz Cry (Demo Version) feat. Nancy Fletcher, Jewell
Written by T. Shakur, J. Jackson
Date: February 02, 1996
Studio: Can-Am Studios, Tarzana, California
Producer: Johnny “J” Jackson
Sample: Sting – Fragile
Originally recorded for The 3 Day Theory / The 7 Day Theory

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2Pac – When Thugz Cry (OG) (Version II)


(Ok) No doubt, no doubt
Makaveli The Don in this bitch
Let these niggaz know,
let these niggaz know,
let ’em know nigga
you the general nigga
you’ve been puttin’ it on these mothafuckaz
aint no nigga out here that
could do it like this
no motherfuckin’ doubt
with me you die nigga
whan thugz cry
Outlawz (…he way saying I had sex with your wife, but not in those words…)
K Kastro, Napoleon, Edi,
Hussein, Kadafi, haha, Young Noble
(what do you feel like when you hear a record like Tupac’s new one ?)
Outlaw, haha no doubt ( right, but dont you feel like that creates a tension between east and west ?)
Do u still wanna be a thug when thugz cry
I think it was The Source or The Vibe
Source ? Still wanna be a thug when thugz cry
Yo what up ? thats for real
Did you know I own all that shit you spittin’ here?
Did you realize that I’m for real boss like Fetruni?
Outlawz haha no doubt Outlawz
K Kastro, Napolean, Edi, Hussein, Kadafi, haha Young Noble
(….and he did say that he did not. He wanted to make a point that
he specifically did not have a beef with an entire coast but that he had problems)
Man fuck this!

* Lyrics transcribed by insanity

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