2Pac – Tearz Of A Clown (Unreleased) Version I

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2Pac – Tearz Of A Clown (Unreleased) Version I

2Pac – Tearz Of A Clown (Unreleased) Version II

Date: 1991

Recorded for 2Pacalypse Now
Producer: Deon ”Big D The Impossible” Evans
Vocals: Jeff Jones & Sean Gayles
-Samples: Public Enemy – Shut Em Down; Kool & The Gang – Too Hot


[Verse 1]
“Start from the intro”
I can’t though, it’s gonna be too painful
To speak of all the evil obstacles my people came through
Is not true, I rush to beat the curfew
I guess nobody told us that the people gotta eat too
“The system?”
I laugh, cause I don’t see no truth left
Addicted to that crack or raised too high to fight for Yusef
Can’t blame ’em, they slumber, come here ya Casanova
Just because Mandela is free don’t mean the freedom fight is over
The beaches, Howard, Virginia and the others
Ya let ’em lynch the brothers and no one will love the mothers
You shouldn’t be, my facts are stated clearly
But my raps contain no “wild thing” so I guess no one will hear me
“They’re killin’ us?”
But what’s new, cause nobody will yell out
They’re all too busy livin’ lavish lives of a sellout
“The police?”
A big joke, the only time their gun smokes
Is when they murder brothers after every bone has been broke
A hero, although he never tried to be
Died and since his death he’s still a victim of society
“Well, what’s next?”
Unity, respect and love your sisters
We joke and call ’em bitches so the crackers try to diss her
“We’ll kill them?”
That’s not the way, it’s time to use intelligence
“Turn the other cheek?”
Never again, it’s time for self-defense
“How come you’re so angry?”
Cause I’m tired of bein’ kept down
Now it’s time to wipe away the tears of a clown


[Verse 2]
“Why ya cryin’?”
I told ya, I’m tired of livin’ life low
The rich can beat the lotto, while the poor stay in the ghetto
“The president?”
Elected, but I don’t know how it happened
Better qualified for rappin’, with his gift for senseless yakkin’
A day for Martin Luther King, now his soul is put to rest
Turnin’ over in the grave next to him is Malcolm X
Forgotten too quickly, it makes me want to hate them
Forgot about his wisdom, he’s the latest fashion statement
“Red or Blue, what set ya claim?”
Does it make a difference?
One day we’re gonna work it out and overcome the ignorance
Propaganda, taught to me in class
How can we control our future if we’re kept from our past?
We better live a better way or we won’t see another day
You can heed the words I say or don’t and kiss your life away
Not tryin’ to preach or teach, it is my wish to only explain
So many died before me, can I let their lives be in vain?
So now we’ve come to this point, it’s time to make decision
Do we live in self-destruction or escape the realism?
They ask me why I’m angry, cause I’m tired of bein’ kept down
My people, let’s unite and wipe away the tears of a clown


[Verse 3]
“What ills the children”
The future, for them, I see such sorrow
The least that we can do is let them live to see tomorrow
Too many have been killed, it’s time to stand up for our rights
How can the people “Fight The Power”, if they can’t fight for their life?
Instead, they fight their wife, beat up if she’s not silent
Time to fight for principles, the brothers get nonviolent
The government is so crooked and liberties a hypocrite
“The Star Spangled Banner?”
Just some patriotic bullshit
Destruction of the Panthers another sneak attack plan
Couldn’t stand to see the strength and peace within the Blackman
“Where are all the heroes who we thought were so untouchable?”
I see ’em pushin’ dope and rollin’ ’round in BMW
How can it not trouble you to see a dyin’ species?
The world must find peace or find itself ripped up in pieces
Afflicted with the teaching’s, that make ya feel inferior
Some say the government invents it all, that they just scarier
Polly want a cracker, but cracker want a sister
How come they could see her beauty, but brothers persist to diss her?
Revolutionary generation on an uprise
Never will they see another tear from this clown’s eye

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[Verse 4]
Livin’ the life I live, I have to be positive
Hell’s my reality, I chose not to ride in it
I did want to live fast, I just wanted much cash
But punks were persistent, they hunted with gauge blast So I wasn’t the violent type, I had to protect my life
Lovin’ my brother, but if he steps, I’mma shoot him twice

(song cut)

Psychotic society
It’s hard to find love with those who treat us like enemy
They call me a lunatic, I say realistic
Beware of their politics, it’s sick as the sick get
The son of a Panther, see pain in my mama’s eyes
Cause nobody thanked her for givin’ them better lives
“Assata Shakur?”
Another auntie, I miss her though
Please thank Mr. Castro for keepin’ her safe bro
How many more of us die before we can see the light
It’s time brothers work it out, unite for a bigger fight
We’re still in the same hole and now it’s the 90’s
Seems everyone’s livin’ large, but I ain’t got mine G
But I got a bill for all the ill ya gave me
Society slavery, who’s gonna pay me?
“Has anybody here seen Yusef Hawkins?”
I thought I seen him talkin’ with Malcolm walkin’
“Where, over the rainbow”?
Naw, over the track
Another murdered brother, now where’s the payback
Tears of a clown


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