2Pac – DIOS [Unreleased Album] CD

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2Pac - DIOS [Unreleased Album] CD

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  1. Mike Tyson Song (OG)
    Prod. Dat Nigga Daz, Dec.14, 1995 (Tyson vs. Mathis Fight)
  2. Komradz (So So Crazy) (OG)
    feat. Storm, E.D.I. Mean, Mussolini, Napolean, Kastro
    Prod. Johnny "J" Jackson, Oct.28, 1995 for ''АЕОМ''
  3. When We Ride (OG)
    feat. Hussein Fatal, Kastro, Napoleon
    Prod. DJ Pooh, Oct.27, 1995 for ''АЕОМ''
  4. Too Late Playa (Explicit)
    feat. MC Hammer, Big Daddy Kane, Nutt-so, Danny Boy
    Prod. Johnny "J" Jackson, March 07, 1996 for MC Hammer's''Too Tight''
  5. Borrowed Times (OG) feat. Chelle
    Prod. Johnny "J" Jackson, April 02, 1996
  6. What'z Next
    feat. Prince Ital Joe, Natasha Walker, Mopreme, Mussolini
    Prod. Johnny "J" Jackson, Nov.16, 1995 for ''АЕОМ''
  7. Outlaw Immortal (OG Mixdown)
    feat. Yaki Kadafi, Hussein Fatal, E.D.I Mean, Mussolini
    Prod. Sam Sneed, Jan.10, 1996
  8. Watch Ya Mouth (OG)
    Prod. L.T. Hutton, July 10, 1996 for ''The Don Killuminati''
  9. The Fight (Road to Glory) (OG Mix)
    Prod. Johnny "J" Jackson, March 14, 1996 (Tyson vs. Bruno Fight)
  10. Don't Stop The Music (OG)
    feat. E.D.I. Mean, Fatal Hussein, Jewell
    Prod. Johnny "J" Jackson, Nov.22, 1995 for ''АЕОМ''
  11. If There's A Cure (OG) feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg
    Prod. Johnny "J" Jackson, Feb.21, 1996
  12. Ride 4 Me (OG) feat. Hussein Fatal, Kurupt, Scarr-lo
  13. War Games (OG Remix)
    feat. Napoleon, E.D.I. Mean, Young Noble, Yaki Kadafi
    Aug., 1996
  14. If They Love Their Kids (Death Rox Mixdown)
    feat. Napoleon, Kastro
    Prod. Johnny "J" Jackson, Jan.21, 1996
  15. Let's Get It On (Ready 2 Rumble) (OG Mix)
    Prod. Scott Gutierrez, Sep.06, 1996 (Tyson vs. Seldon Fight)
    (The Last 2Pac's Song)
  16. Come With Me (Interlude) feat. Danny Boy
    Prod. Johnny "J" Jackson, Oct.15, 1995

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Listen 2Pac - DIOS (Sample Album)

2Pac - DIOS (Unreleased Album)
2Pac - DIOS (Unreleased Album)

2Pac - DIOS (Unreleased Album)
2Pac - DIOS (Unreleased Album)

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