Tha Dogg Pound – Sooo Much Style

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Tha Dogg Pound – Sooo Much Style

Album: Dogg Food
Released: October 31, 1995
Label: Death Row Records, Interscope Records


[Kurupt&Daz] Have you ever seen… sooo much style?
[Daz] Nigga!
[Kurupt] Now um we bout to do it a little somethin like this
Cause it’s Dogg Pound on mines, you know what I’m sayin?
(and you don’t stop)
[Daz] D-P-G-C!
[Kurupt] Fuck all your motherfuckers!
(and you don’t quit)
And umm… for some strange reason
(and you don’t stop)
[Daz] D-P-G-C!
[Kurupt] Niggas like to duplicate
(and you don’t quit)
(and you don’t stop)
Transformin ass side bustas, Daz!
(and you don’t quit)

[Verse 1: Daz and Kurupt] Come get at me, and play Get Back
The plots, concoct thoughts adapt
I’m openin my eyes, and my thougths a blink

[Kurupt] But yet and still!

[Daz] There’s no ideal what these thoughts contain
All alone

[Kurupt] Like!

[Daz] Like no else around in the area!

[Kurupt] Say What!

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[Daz] Runnin shit from here to Siberia!
Now is this a jack move?

[Kurupt] Cause I’m a Young Gun like Emilio Estevez

[Dat Nigga Daz] And dreaded, how you get shredded like paper
Tryin to intrude on the caper, who the hell can relate ta
[Daz & Kurpt] THAT![Daz] Automatic straps that’s supposed to
Be hittin new clothes and expose!

[Daz & Kurupt] Knows, not!
Knows, not, who to step to

[Daz&Kurupt] This fool select to get his whole jock connect too

[Daz] I select too so motherfucker bow down
Niggas swear the Pound got so much style!

[Hook] So many styles, so many styles, so many style
So many styles, so many styles, so many style
(Mothafuckers swear they got so much style)
So many styles, so many styles, so many style
So many styles, so many styles, so many style

[Verse 2: Daz and Kurupt] Now have you ever seen? Seen meaning saw
Niggas running up in me murdering them all
My composure, stays above sixty degrees before
I enter in a circle and start marauding MCs
The hysteria starts, multiplied two times
Supplied by the vibes, here’s a run wild style
They can’t match, in the back of my vocab batch
If you can enter take the stash nigga I’ll start from scratch
So enter in my zone, I refuse to be dethroned
I got a microphone I had to kill and murder to own
From the bottom to the top and when you stare in my eyes
Emotionless shit registers in my mind when I get high
The darkest secrets, keep it untold
When it’s revealed the Amityville mirage will unfold
Take flight, I ignite like C dash 4
With Daz I blow the shit the fuck up like the last world war
My creations, mental invasions
Thoughts that’s able to annihilate generations, with so much style


[Verse 3: Daz] Now let me take a second, for Dat Nigga Daz
To amaze with the ways to catch snap bones, let alone
Fuck up the scene, drop bombs upon the microphone
How can you see me when I’m already high and blown
To the fullest, Kurupt pull the MC’s card
Now the Pound is blessed, like God
I’m a dog, we gotta get paid, we gotta get paid

[Verse 4: Kurupt] Every single day our shit is getting played
So conclusively is the conclusion
The art of illusion
Niggas step in the midst of confusion
How can you see what can’t be viewed?
DPG has the ability to end a whole feud
So forget it, you’re feeling lyrically energetic
So I sentence you to death by use of poetics
This my realm, so don’t even try to explore it
Niggas tried and wonder why they lost they whole life for it

[Verse 5: Daz] Niggas don’t realize what’s with the Pound
Blueberry smokes clears the town when me and Kurupt puts it down
From the shoulders we be sling with the straps, we be jumping
No suggestions needed when my Mac-90 start dumping
Let me explain niggas don’t know what time it is
I ain’t even trying to make friends
Fuck the bullshit the idiotic type bullshit
That you be stressing, let me get to the lesson
Peep me out, now you know
’94 the year now we fuck up hoes
’95 we survive everyday
And what they say? We got style



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